Tuesday, June 26, 2007

*Waving at the Jumbo-Screen* Hi!

Last night my schmoozing skills reaped the benefit of trying to be friend with everyone. I scored the Mighty Corporations season ticket seats for last night’s game. Actually, they came to me third-handed. Whilst seating in the second row above our dugout in the middle of the section Amy and I found ourselves on the Jumbo-Screen not once but twice (much to Amy’s thrill.) We also saw Punto’s great dugout catch right in front of us (I mean, right smack in front of us.)

Due to the fact that sitting that close to the action I had a hard time noting stats and other specifics. I spent most of the time watching for foul balls from lefties and other random happenings around third base.

Here are a few things I did notice:
Slowey did not do horrible but he gave up four earned runs. Guerrier did not do well and gave up a BIG two-run homerun. Our offense was sporadic and our defense was mediocre. Castillo was hurt, Red (Redmond) got smacked around and the home-plate Ump got smacked by a pitch.

Random Recaps:
* Lots of people like to “borrow” the open seats until they get kicked out which is fine except we have to stand up every time they shuffle back and forth.
* Gate F has the best food and beer choices – Corona, Summit and Heineken plus carved meat.
* The dirt looks like velvet (random, I know.)
* I feel like I know Scotty Ullger now, since I spent the whole night two rows from him.
* I want a ball but I don’t want to have to catch it. Players and coaches would throw foul or last out balls into our section, however, I didn’t want to catch it. I wanted Amy to get one and give it to me but she kept saying she would give it to a little kid and that made me mad. I totally didn’t talk to her for half an inning.
* This last one is going to sound totally girly and baseball-wimpy but I “heart” Barty (Bartlett). This is 100% on a shallow – he is super cute and has a great smile – level. I know, I am shaking my head at myself.

Let’s move on to fellow game attendees from last night:
Dear fans of section 132, rows 4-6
To the lady behind me: Please stop talking…forever.
To the male half of the Yellow Couple: The nicknames you made up were cute but no one likes a random yelling fan. It is distracting and…well, random.
To the 17-year old girls who kept getting kicked out of seats but kept coming back: You are too young to be drinking beer and you are too old to be drinking the beer that was left behind.
To the ticket holders of the seats around us: When you have such great seats why would you come during the third inning and leave during the fifth. Call my cell if you ever want someone to keep the seats warm.
To Amy: I am still hurt that you wouldn’t give the hypothetical ball to me.

Warming up and random newsman


The Lady said...

Sitting that close? You're so lucky!

Tricia said...

Loved your entry for today! My sister and I have a new Twins blog. We just got it up and running, and I'm recruiting readers. It needs to be jazzed up some with pictures and links, but I'd be honored if you'd take a look at it as is. The address is twinssisters.blog.com