Friday, June 29, 2007

Quality vs. Quantity

Well, it is a Friday and pay-day along with a great baseball match-up…in my corporate world we call that a Triple Threat.

I would have loved to been at yesterday’s matinee game. Alas, that pesky corporate thing got in the way. However, I did fight “The Man” and followed the game via Gameday. The topic yesterday was the definition of a Quality Start (three earned runs or less in six innings.) This is a new topic for me since I never paid much attention to it before.
There are a few of us (maybe a more than a few) that think the definition needs to be tweaked. In this day and age going six innings and giving up three earned runs is not a good outing. That however does cause a lot of debate amongst the cubicle dwellers around me…especially the members of the Carlos Silva Fan Club. When we pointed out that Silva lost the “Quality Start” in the first inning of yesterday’s game it did not ease the tension. In fact, it brought on new debates of how he was solid the other seven innings. If it wasn’t for the Twins finding their bats and giving a little offense I believe that Silva’s Quality Start would not have been a good thing.
Oh well, c’est la vie, ect, ect. We will mark down the stats and move on to tonight’s match up of Santana and Verlander. It should make for some good baseball. Amy and I believe that Bert Blyleven will say:
It is a pitcher’s duel
Pitchers are the best athletes on the field
Something about doing another bet with Santana in order for him to pitch well.

Ah, Bert, you rascally rabbit!

Random baseball notes:

This is going to be old news but they are bringing Garza up to give him another shot. I can’t wait to see what this year will bring him.

My boy, Barty, hit his second homerun and stole two more bases yesterday. Go Barty Go!

Sources say that the fan who caught The Big Hurt’s 500 ball was wearing a Bartlett jersey…what to give props!


Nick N. said...

My girlfriend is a pretty huge "Barty" fan as well. Wonder if it has anything to do with that cute face and chiseled physique?

Tricia said...

That crummy corporate world, depriving us of our God-given right to follow our favorite team! I like Barty too. I like all the guys on the team, as a matter of fact.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Yeah Nick definitely doesn't hurt that he's a cutey. I guess my favorite player (based on skill and talent) would have to be Santana or Cuddyer.

Third Base Line said...

Bart got me with the tall socks and locked me in with the playing good. :D For sheer lust, however, TBL has to go with Johan.