Monday, June 18, 2007

A Win is a win is a win…

But it wasn’t pretty. I guess I got cocky after sweeping the Braves. I strutted (yes, strutted) around my office proud of my Twins. I enjoyed rubbing the sweep in the faces of the pseudo-fans (they are the fans that like whatever team is most popular…*cough*Yankees*cough.) And then the Brewers showed up and brought their bats. We, however, did not bring our bats or a pitcher. Friday night I let the embarrassing 3-11 loss go by, Saturday I thought we were going to pull it off but was disappointed and Sunday…well, it is still a fresh wound/win.
It was ugly. I was at home watching the game and feeling comfortable of our 9-2 lead, I even dozed off, then it was time to leave and head to a friend's house. By the time I found the game on the radio it was 9-8. What? What happened? For a moment there I thought it was my fault. If only I would have stayed at home and kept watching maybe this wouldn’t have happened. Maybe Rincon wouldn’t have given up the hits, maybe Twitch n’Pitch (Nathan) would have felt more confidence. I arrived at my destination, ran in the house, turned on my friend’s television and saw Morneausey hit his walk-off to save the day…again. He isn’t the MVP just because he’s pretty. It looks like Morneasey is going to give A-Rod a run for the homerun count.

That leaves us with an open question…What are we going to do about pitching?

Baseball Side note:
I have lost my bartering abilities with the Baseball Gods. In the past few years I have always tried to bribe the Baseball Gods when Baby Jesus (Mauer) was up to bat. If it was a tight game I would ask the Baseball Gods to give Baby Jesus a home run, single, sac-fly, whatever and then in return I wouldn’t mock Baby Jesus by calling him the Hometown Hero…so on and so on. Anyways, Saturday night it didn’t work! It did not work! I must have angered the Baseball Gods. No amount of pleading, begging or swearing would work to get us ahead. Damn it.

*disclaimer: I really like Mauer, he is a great player but it is fun to play off the “hometown hero” bit.


Stacy said...

you didn't have to be so mean to Lew ... I mean gee whiz everyone makes mistakes and if you are going to be mean to my Lew could you make up a code word so I don't know what you're doing???

Baseball_Lipgloss said...
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Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Sorry! From now on I will use _____ when referring to Lew. :)

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