Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Yesterday is history, tomorrow may not come/I’m gonna run to the horizon/We are strong/We are young.

(1500ESPN's ad is awesome!)
I say Brrr, it’s cold in here. There must be some Yankees in the atmosphere
Okay, not very original but that Bring It On cheer has been stuck in my head since Sunday when @baseballhappy and I were chanting it. (We also discussed that the original Bring It On is the best but some of the other ones aren’t that bad.)

Anyways…I am as prepared, physically, as I can be for the chilly night game tomorrow. I have a hooded sweatshirt, red fleece blanket, half of a crocheted blue and red scarf (I will finish the other half tonight), fingerless gloves, and faux-uggs (or Fuggs). Overkill? Nope, I don’t think so. My only regret is not getting the blue fleece blanket. My vanity usually steers me away from all things red (due to my red hair and the fear I will end up looking like Tickle Me Elmo or something) but I did not want anyone to confuse my blue blanket to be Yankee Blue. So…red it is.

ESPN’s E:60 Visits Minnesota Twins on Eve of MLB Playoffs

ESPN's Emmy award-winning primetime newsmagazine E:60 will visit the Minnesota Twins on the eve of Major League Baseball’s playoffs in the episode airing Tuesday, Oct. 5, at 7 p.m. ET.

E:60 spoke with manager Ron Gardenhire and several Twins players including Michael Cuddyer and Nick Punto. The American League Central champions open the playoffs Wednesday against the New York Yankees.

Launched in October 2007, ESPN’s E:60 combines investigative reporting, in-depth profiles of intriguing sports personalities and features on emerging star athletes. These stories are presented in a fresh and innovative format that incorporates producer/correspondent meetings.

Don’t be that douchebag…
Don’t be that douchebag that wears a business dress shirt with pleated khakis drinking rum and cokes whilst talking about how much you know about baseball. I am pretty sure that the eye you’re using to calling balls and strikes from section 307 (first base side) isn’t as accurate as the umpire. Also, shouting “Come on, Blue!” after every strikeout makes my eye twitch.

Music of the Day – FSN North watchers will recognize this song
Ryan Star’s song Right Now has been used for the game recap towards the end of every Twins game aired on FSN North. I always get so excited about it because I love that guy. He may be the nicest rockstar in the business and puts on a hell of a live show. Check out his new album 11:59 (What’s Your 11:59?) now out on iTunes and stores (like Target and Best Buy).

Ryan Star – Right Now


Anonymous said...

I love that song - always wondered who sang it - definitely going check out Ryan Star's album 11:59!

Thank you!!

SARAH said...

LOL, WPST is one of my radio stations! I'm going to tell them they got a MN Shout Out. :)