Monday, October 4, 2010

I show no scars from where I’ve been / Just two jaded eyes, I guess you win


Sarah (@baseballhappy) and I rocked these tshirts yesterday!

Statistically they are speaking the truth, blah blah blah. However, hometown pride makes me bristle at this kind of headline/article. I am not sure who is worse right now…Yankees bloggers/tweeters or Twins bloggers/tweeters.

First Last Game (copyright @baseballhappy)
Yesterday Sarah (Those Girls & @baseballhappy) and I went to the first last game of the season. (Also known as the last regular season game.) The weather was beautiful UNLESS you were in the shade…then it was DAMNED cold. Now I need to prep for the chilly night game on Wednesday.

Shopping list: Mittens, Twins Snuggie, Tiny bottles of Baileys Irish Cream, Twins crocheted scarf (in process), and a great sense of humor.

Don’t be that douchebag…
I am starting a new reoccurring topic here on Lipgloss & Baseball. This where I can call out those people…you know, THOSE ones.

So, to the guy who was throwing stuff on the field yesterday (near McCoy):
Don’t be that douchebag that ruins it for a stadium full of people who are rejoicing the fact they get to start keeping their bottle caps again!

Music of the Day
The band Midwest Kings (MWK) is one of my favorites. I found them through a very hap-hazard way but am now a fan. I even roadtripped down to Tulsa, Oklahoma to catch one of their first shows on stage after a couple-year pause.

Call to Arms – MWK


Ronda said...

E-Z Pass.

That makes me SO Angry. Leave it to New York. What a class act. NOT.

That ONE phrase, E-Z Pass, describes the attitude of the Yankees perfectly. Sure, they have good odds (or whatever) vs. the Twins. But can't they be classy enough to show some respect?

What do the players, the team itself, say about playing the Twins? Hopefully they are nicer than whoever writes the headlines for the Daily News.

Tricia said...

"Don't be that doucebag." Excellent. I'm sure there's no shortage of behaviors for that category, sadly.

I'm trying to prepare myself for a playoff letdown, but damn I hope there isn't one this year.

Go Twins! Beat those smugly Yankees. (Please.)

NoDak Twins Fan said...

Love the "Free Wally" shirts. Should be a great couple of nights at Target Field this week.

Sarah said...


I am so happy with my non-contraband bottle caps this season; don't F-ing ruin it people!

Bottle Caps Forever! Free Wally! Norma Rae!

Anonymous said...

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Jen said...

Ronda - it makes me mad too. I think the only thing that could fix it would be winning against the Yankees. :)

Tricia - I want this win so bad that I can taste it!

NoDak - The energy at Target Field is going to be amazing! (if not a little chilly)

Sarah - STRIKE! STRIKE! STRIKE! (That's my Norma Rae moment)