Friday, October 8, 2010

Spit ‘em, polish, look how they shine/Glitter, glisten, gloss, floss/I catch a beat runnin like Randy Moss

Suckage. To the maximus.
Now our team is heading to New York with a low self-esteem. After reading through my Twitter feed yesterday and seeing the Twins fans reactions it sealed the deal. I won’t be going to the Tweet-up event on Saturday. I don’t need to be in a bar surrounded by naysayers and the bitching in person. It’s hard enough dealing with the tweets. No thanks. I can go to Matt’s Bar and have a Jucy Lucy and Honeyweiss and enjoy the atmosphere better there.

Go ahead, try and convince me otherwise but after my previous experiences I have decided to spend my time with positive (albeit snarky) people.

Hi. My name is Jen and I am a list maker.

Hi Jen!

* Watching extra baseball at Target Field (my Disney Land)
* Drinking enough beer to get a collection of souvenir playoff cups
* Having amazing seats for last night’s game
* Hanging with approximately 84,000 of my closest friends the last two nights
* Looking around the sold out ballpark and seeing camera flashes against the night sky
* Helmet Sundaes
* The pantomime street performer painted silver shushing the bible thumper on a milk crate
* Hanging with @baseballhappy and amusing ourselves

*Looking like the Detroit Tigers circa 2003 on National television
* Letting this year's Yankees beat us. And yes, I said “letting” and yes I said “this year’s” team.
* Dealing with Yankee fans here in Minnesota.
* Listening to the anti-Twins fans around town. An Anti-Twins Fan is someone local who doesn’t care about baseball therefore doesn’t like the Twins. These people are the first to say “I Told You So.”
* Sarah (@baseballhappy) said it best in her post this morning, “…but as a Twins fan, I was a lot more offended by the headline on the Twins twitter feed ready “Current Trend a Testament to Yankees” than I was by the “EZ Pass” NY Daily News Headline.
* Losing
* Losing
* Not enough sprinkles on my helmet sundae
* Missing Modern Family and The Office

Non-Baseball Pros and Cons
* I can add the “And here is where Randy Moss ran over the traffic cop and got busted for pot” stop on my office tour.
* It’s Friday
* Only 3 days until Monday Night Happy Hour
* The weather is perfect in Minneapolis
* I heart David Cook

* Michelle Bachmann still exists in Minnesota Government
* I am hungry
* My cat’s breath smells like cat food (Simpson’s reference)

Music of the Day – Randy Moss Edition
Outkast – Whole World


mags779 said...

Not gonna lie, I might be a little bit in love with you right now.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Hahahaha! At least someone besides @baseballhappy love me :)

BTW, "not gonna lie," is my favorite way to start a sentence! True story.

Ronda said...

hey I hope read this in time: Modern Family is showing again tonight, same episode you missed, at 7 pm!!!

troutbirder said...

Food for thought from Yogi:
"It's deja vu all over again"
"Only 50% of a team's success is because of the talent they hav...the other 90% is mental"