Thursday, October 7, 2010

There’s nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do/I bless the rains down in Africa

Game 1 of the ALDS playoffs Twins vs Yankees
Yeah, we lost. Yeah, it sucked. But…it was a fun game, a great night, awesome crowd, tasty Grainbelt Premium, kickass company (thanks @baseballhappy), and our usually funny shenanigans. Oh, and I think it’s official that our at-bat/walk-up music would be Toto’s Africa (hence the music of the day).

Pissing on my Parade - A brief vent about Twins fans/tweeters
Nothing like coming home from an intense loss and looking through a pile of shit on my twitter feed. I am a little embarrassed about the whining and bitching some twins fans are displaying right now.

To offset what I had been hearing:
The energy at Target Field was amazing! People where chatty and high-fiving and jeering and cheering! Our sections (306 and the surrounding ones) didn’t stand the whole game but we all jumped to our feet for strikeouts, hits, great catches, and well…practically everything. For the record we weren’t lack luster. It wasn’t dull. We weren’t pouty. We were fired up! Damn it. I understand that some people (or maybe one person with many media outlets) were asked to sit down/leave. I totally think that is ridiculous…to be asked to sit down during a ball game is like being told to sit down during a U2 concert…or Tom Petty…or Bruce Springsteen…or Lady Gaga…or David Cook. Alas, I don’t want that to be the bitchy thing that gets leaked around everywhere.

That being said…that game was an amazing experience! I always have a great time with @baseballhappy is in attendance. We sing Toto, we boo Swisher, we talk about how much we love the Pittsburgh Pirates, and we amuse ourselves.

Music of the Day – Toto Africa


NoDak Twins Fan said...

Glad to hear it was, for the most part, a good time last night. I am attending this evening's game. If anyone says anything to me about sitting down... oh boy it could get ugly!

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Honestly, I only heard that happening to one person. Way more good reports to outweigh the bad! Where are your seats tonight?

Caryn said...

Loved that you guys were standing up! Except for the guy holding his ears (who was probably a Yankees fan anyway).

Anonymous said...

did you know africa is one of my fave songs? :)