Friday, October 1, 2010

Keep your words, they’re all you got / Please be careful what you say

This post includes: me bitching about whiny fans/bloggesr/tweeters, photo-shopped sign I made on my iPod whilst riding the Ghetto #5 bus, preparation for the last regular season game at Target Field, and a song that is always stuck in my head (and I don’t mind).

This weekend was going to be my bittersweet goodbye to my new love, Target Field. BUT thanks to the Minnesota Twins clinching the playoffs I will be back for at least two more (and hopefully a dozen more) games! I think I’d like to spend all of October at Target Field…watching baseball, wearing my hoodie, drinking coffee (with Bailey’s). Yep. I think I would. However, to keep the tradition alive, I will be there on Sunday to say goodbye to the regular season along with Sarah (of Those Girls & @baseballhappy).

Me walking to Target Field in my Twins hooded sweatshirt with homer hankie sticking out of my back pocket a la Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA video. Everything is in slow motion and cue voice over:

Wow. What happened to Minnesota-nice? What about Minnesota Passive-Aggressive? Sure, I was lucky enough to score tickets to Games 1, 2, and 3 of the first round of playoffs and a set for the second round. Alas, my happy buzz was killed by Twitter and Twins Fans. Not all Twins fans…just the ones who I usually avoid.

* Yes, the tickets are expensive.
* Yes, the lottery system is a bitch. Trust me. I got shut out of Home Opener tickets.
* No, not only ticket scalpers and band wagon fans got the tickets. I am neither of those.
* No, I didn’t cheat the system. I used the standard process that everyone else used.
* Yes, I am going to the games.

So…stop pissing on my parade!

/end scene

Mike Kelly & Andy Skib – Taking the Blame
Mike Kelly’s new CD “Wake the Dead” has been on heavy rotation on my iPod. I recommend it. Fully!

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