Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galatica. or Pittsburgh. Food. Yankees

Before I give you my blurb and photos from my trip to Pittsburgh I wanted to throw out the bit o’info that I am going to the Twins game tonight. I am NOT a fan of going to games when the Yankees are in town, mostly because the amount of Minnesota Yankee fans that pop out of the far reaches of our fair state. Also, I hate the Yankees. (Note: I do not hate Yankee fans…well, most of them.) So, I am putting on my Twins shirt and my sunblock and heading to Target Field to experience my first WARM game at our fantastic ballpark. Now…what to eat? What to drink? What insults to mutter under my breath at the family of four wearing Jeter jerseys?

I Heart Pittsburgh
I survived a kickass trip to Pittsburgh, the City of Food (well, that’s my nickname for it.) I was like my own travel show where I ate at non-chain restaurants, tried local faves, drank in the hotel bar while telling crazy stories drunkenly. Okay…so that last part would be an exclusive for MY travel show. I experience a giant rain delay on my only Pittsburgh Pirates game and I snagged a Garrett Jones action figure for @baseballhappy. I feel like I succeed in having the mid-range level of fun! Especially considering I got to sit next to Davey Jones (yes, THE Davey Jones from the Monkees) at the hotel bar. I also stood next to Hermans Hermits at the valet stand.


PNC Park

A famous Primanti Bros Sammie.

I hopped across the border to West Virginia to have lunch with Darcie!

A pretty and rainy day view from my hotel window.

I had coffee with dinos!

Sushi in a boat tastes the best.


Jammer said...

1. I just watched that episode of the office :)

2. I'm glad you had a good time in Pittsburgh! That sandwich is making me hungry lol.

3. Where did you go for sushi in a boat!? That looks amazinggg

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

1. One of my fave episodes (right below the Office Olympics).

2. I love Pittsburgh so much! I walked to all the great museums, ballpark, food! Best. Sandwich. Ever!

3. Sushi Kim in downtown Pittsburgh. Looks like of like a dive on the outside but the chef is awesome! We sat at the bar and listened to him talk about the Steelers :)