Friday, August 22, 2008

Welcome to my life, tattoo/I’m a man now, thanks to you/I expect I’ll regret you

Recap – due to the fact I was sleeping
Bass down
Casilla up
Hunter bobbles
Span scores
Baker rock-solid
Puntoball makes me laugh (Puntoball FTW!)

1 down…13 to go

My attempt at a sequey from Baseball to Non-Baseball

Last night I strutted into my local tattoo parlor and got inked.

No, I didn’t get one of these…surprising, right?

Here is what I got:

Top 10 Things Revolving Around Me and my Tattoo:
10. Yes, it hurt but not that bad. So, to you who told me it felt like a thousand bees stinging in my mouth, you were wrong.
9. It only took 15 minutes and I can handle any pain for 15 minutes.
8. I was a brave girl and walked into the tattoo place all by myself and sat there filling out the forms. I did a crossword puzzle while I waited so I would panic and dart out.
7. The tattoo guy was kind of dirty-hot.
6. Lucy and Stacy came to visit me whilst I was sitting in the chair.
5. Lucy really wants a tattoo
4. I want more tattoos now.
3. The opening chords from Eye of the Tiger kept repeating through my head…as if I was going off to fight a battle instead of sitting in a comfy padded chair.
2. I think Lucy is going to be the craziest, baddest ass of them all.

1. Afterwards, Lucy told me she was sorry I was bleeding. Then she asked if I was going to die.

Just because I am inked doesn’t mean I am that bad of an ass
So, I was so excited and anxious last night and was rocking out to Foo Fighters on my way to the tattoo place. Windows were down, music blaring, me head banging...yep, I was totally a tough chick! I drove through Uptown and I parked on Hennepin Ave (busy street). Little did I know that Stacy re-pranked me and totally shot my Street-Cred down! All this time I had a “I HEART MY YORKIE” magnetic sticker on the front passenger side of my Jeep. DAMN YOU!!! *shakes fist* We are dorks.

Hot off the press
Gwen Stefani gave birth to baby boy named Zuma. Zuma, eh? That sounds suspiciously close to Zima which was the drink of choice for all the high school kids in the Co-Ho (Columbia Heights for those not hip to my jive.) In other news, Jen went to the liquor store and stocked up on other pansy-ass liquor like Boone’s Farm.

Music of the Day
I can’t NOT post this one!
The Who- Tattoo


haasertime said...

That looks very cool. But I dig the Baseball Furys tattoo myself. If you haven't seen The Warriors, see it.

Ann said...

quote from my husband:
"Inked and punked all in the same day."
Oh Rob!
So Jen, I'm doing my Virtual Girls Night Out again. If you are hanging around your computer (doubt it) come on by.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

I just popped over to your par-tay!!!

Your hubby was I need some ideas how to punk her back!!!

Ann said...

You went and did it, didn't you?
You suggested "Romeo & Juliet" which prompted me to write a story about the ULTIMATE IMPORTANCE of that song in my life.
There you have it.
The party is still going on! (I'm drinking something frilly "Pearl Greek Goddess". Pomegranate vodka, yum!!!)
Come back over! Read the story.

k-bro said...

Whew! I thought for a second there that you got the Yankees tat. Bleh. I'm glad you didn't.

Oh, and isn't Zuma that online game where the frog spits out the colored balls? Not to be confused with Zubas, the fashion rage of 1991.

tattoo website said...

Futile attempt to seguey. LOL! Great tats!