Monday, August 18, 2008

Prophets on the sidewalk beggin’ for change/Old ladies laughing from the fire escape cursing my name

What the hell?
I know, I have been a baaaad baseball blogger. And hell, it’s not like there wasn’t TONS of stuff going on to blog about. Right? Right. So, I apologize and will recap what I know.

Wednesday I played pre-approved hooky and went to the noon game against the Yankees. The game was lovely…dollar dogs were fantastic…we didn’t win at Twingo (I believe it is rigged) and the game took forever. Seriously, between the Ump delay, mini drama and other crap it lasted 3 and half hours. Shit on a shingle. Either way…the beer was sweeter (especially when I emailed a photo of me drinking it to my co-workers still stuck in cubicles.)

A win is a win is a win is a win
So, what was up with yesterday’s game? I was tooling along watching when I could. Oh look 8 to 2. Oh look 10 to 2. Oh look 10 to 8…What the fuck? 10 to 8? Whew, eek by at 11 to 8.

Wrapping up the Mariners Series
Friday 8/15: W 9-3
Saturday 8/16: W 7-6
Sunday 8/17: W 11-8

Waiting for tonight…oooh (J-Lo song)
Tonight Blackburn (singing in the dead of night) will be starting against Duchscherer. I can’t wait to hear Bert say that name. Hopefully I will catch some of the game from my favorite barstool at Rossi’s. Monday Night Happy Hour, yo yo!

Friday night I was at the Saint Paul Saints game with a bunch of my co-workers to celebrate our annual Summer Event. The game in itself wasn’t noteworthy but the pre-party tailgating is what stuck in my mind (mine and Jose Cuervo’s.) There weren’t any major drama but I did have a moment of “Well, fuck” when I was taking a shot with my boss’ barely 21-year old son.
The bar.
Hey barkeep, pour me another!
A tequila shot
Someone was kind enough to write my name on a glass.
Sweet hair'do

Non-baseball but no less important

Overseen on the Ghetto #5 Bus last week
I got smacked in the face by some gianormus chandelier earrings on the Ghetto #5 the other day. Seriously, this lady had these HUGE earrings on and turned to talk to her friend and they whipped me. They even got tangled in my hair a little. I reacted the same as I would react in any dangerous situation…I froze.

If guys have bromances what do girls have?
The guys in the Land O’Cubicles are still up in arms over the term “bromance.” (Hey, they like it better than Non-Sexual Man Crush.) I was asked what to call a girl having a Non-Sexual Girl Crush. Hmm…I don’t know. I think we’ll just stick with Girl Crush. I do have girl crushes!!! One of my top ones is Rihanna. I just love her! She’s funky-crazy-cool! Girl Crush…I bet the boys will love that. *rolls eyes*

Forgive me father for I have sinned
So, you may know that I totally got hooked (line and sinker) into this year’s American Idol show. Right? Anyways, since it was my first season watching the show I decided to go all out, be in it to win it, balls out, go big or go home and all that jazz. So, I did a bad thing…well, my friends will consider me a total head-case but…well, you see…Argh, why is this so hard to say? I bought David Archuleta’s (the runner-up) new single from iTunes. I know! Stop pelting me with rotten tomatoes. I know I kind of ragged on him during the season but this new song is like crack…the chorus sucks me in and gets stuck in my head. Geez, get off my freaking back.

Music of the Day – For Ann Again and Again
Alright Ann, I thought of you when I heard this! Consider this an apology for “Come on Eileen.”

Brett Dennen – Ain’t No reason


Ann said...

Hey Jen,
How was happy hour?! I hope you made it to Rossi's.

And no apologies for Dexys' finest hour. It's all necessary in some form or the other. However, I will accept this glorious Brett Dennen song, after I wipe my tears, and share it further on my little space.

You're terrific Jen! I wish we lived closer. (I could go for a shot of tequila right about now.)

Anonymous said...

I try to avoid those reality TV shows as I"m always afraid I'll become an addict. Especially American idol. We're all singers around here.

aprilzz said...

I had a hard time liking the song because I couldn't get past the lisp. I'm sorry, I'm a speech therapist and the lisp was so distracting.