Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Come on Eileen, I swear what he means/Ah come on let’s take off everything/That pretty red dress Eileen

First thing’s first
200th Post! Can you freaking believe it? Jeez, you guys have had to deal with a lot of boring shit and random drama, huh? Well, thanks for sticking with me (or barely tolerating me…whichever.)

About Last Night
I caught most of the game but between previous appointments, the Olympics and Lucy claiming the TV for Sesame Street’s Silly Songs (a DVD that she watches before bed.) I only caught about half. What a fantastic game! That’s the kind of start we want right out of the gate.

At this moment
I am watching Blackburn (singing in the dead of night) struggle. Where last night’s game was fast and sweet tonight’s game is going slow and agonaziging (okay that may be a little too dramatic.)

I’ll Love Ya Tomorrow
Ames and I are playing hooky (pre-approved of course) and heading to the noon game. I am super excited to be drinking beer at noon, on a work day. High-five!

And we’re back!

I survived the Great Roadtrip of 2008 which brought us through many cornfields (seriously, I can’t even begin to describe all the fucking cornfields), lots of small towns, a few sketchy restrooms, junk food, Sonic, dancing, sunshine, heckling and beer. Ames, Foley and I drove from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Kansas City, Missouri to watch the Minnesota Twins play baseball against the Kansas City Royals.

Baseball related bullet points:
*The Minnesota Twins won both the games I was at and for that I am eternally grateful.
*The Giant Foam Finger was brought out of retirement for the series.
*The girls and I made a “We heart JB” poster in honor of our surly co-worker who always complains about baseball. We carried that thing to the game, got our photo taken and then promptly threw it in the trash. See photographic evidence below.
*A few heckles but overall the atmosphere was good natures.
*Kaufman Stadium (where the Royals play) is amazingly beautiful! I can’t wait for outdoor baseball! (She says until bad weather changes her mind.)
*Outdoor stadiums are lovely except for giant bugs flying around. Ames almost got taken out by a mini pterodactyl.
*Another side-effect of outdoor stadiums is the bird-poop factor. I have to give props to Foley for taking one for the team and sitting on the newly christened Bird Shit Seat.
*Baseball beer tastes sweeter.

Here are a few non-baseball bullet points for your entertainment:
*Kansas City is a beautiful city! I wish I had more time to explore it.
There are not enough Starbucks, Caribou, Dunn Bros or any other coffee places. We did find the one two blocks away from our hotel.
*I am now obsessed with taking photos that have my new watches in them. Geeky, I know.
*I shopped like a Mo-Fo at the Betsey Johnson store. Let’s see, I have a new purse, earrings and a necklace. *My credit card is totally not talking to me right now.
*My Cher impression made many surprise appearances throughout the trip (hair flip and all.)
*I know more Britney Spears songs that I should and I am ashamed to say that.
*I did not audition for American Idol, contrary to popular belief but I did have my song picked out. I was going to sing Dexy’s Midnight Runners “Come on Eileen.” Sweet, sweet tunes.

Photos Galore!
Oh hey, don’t worry there will be a video montage set to music. I know ya’ll are dying for that :)

On the radio, whoa oh, on the radio
I want to thank Bernadette from Lady at the Bat and Out of Write-Field for having me as a guest on her Monday night radio show. We talked stadiums, standings and blogging.

Overheard at Kaufman Stadium
“No one can back-comb like I can back-comb”
Overheard by Jen, said by Foley

Bumper sticker of the Day
I saw this on a silver Jetta this morning:

“Baby Jesus cries when you don’t use your turn signal.”

Lesson of the Day
It is really, really impossible to get Rhinestone Cowboy out of your head. Trust me, I have tried.

Music of the Day
Well, since I didn’t audition and you won’t be able to see me humiliate myself on television here is your chance to get the song stuck in your head. Huh.

Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Come on Eileen

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Ann said...

Oh you bastard.
Now I have to go swim underwater for at least an hour to get this song out of my head!
I've missed visiting you!!!!!!!
My kids have taken over my computer and life is not my own in a bigger way now.
But I'm here now. And I'm happy!