Saturday, August 2, 2008

You love the people that love you/You hear the music they move to/You give your ode to fall through

Semi-live blogging
I am typing as the game rolls on. Here are my thoughts:

* Did we really need a full inning to watch Bert eat grasshoppers?
* Things I never need Dick & Bert to say again on television: “Grady’s Ladies”, “K-Y jelly and Vaseline” and “x-rated” (in reference to the rating his book would be if he writes it.
* Well, the fielders were looking like 9 year old little leagers flying and flayling over the field.
* Bert says “She-cago”
* Figuring out who we will see pitching in KC took math and I don’t like math.
* Dick says at the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs “Looks like Harris is our last chance” while we hear “Cherry Pie” playing in the background. Didn’t really strike confidence in me.

And keeping on the slightly off topic but t-shirt trend

Throw Mauer’s name on he back and we got a new t-shirt for the ballpark. *Hint to a certain blogger, maybe this one would work to score with the laaaaaadie.

So…Liriano is starting tomorrow. I imagine we are all waiting with baited breath to see how this goes. According to my bad math the girls and I should be able to see F-Bomb pitching in KC. Fingers crossed!

Non-baseball but no less important

Right, let’s make his quick
I heard the new song by Estelle featuring Kanye West called “American Boy” and it is fantastic. Check out the video here.

Speaking on Kanye West…Barack Obama will be introducing him at Lallapalooza and that makes me extremely happy for some inane reason.

David Archuleta (of American Idol fame…remember me obsessing about that show?) had a new single out called “Crush.” You can check it out here.
Definitely not my “type” of music but I can appreciate the newness of it. I also sense that it could get stuck in my head and be on a continual loop driving my co-workers bonkers. So, in advance, I would like to apologize.

Today I went to the outlet shopping mall in Albertville (a mini-roadtrip.) In between acting like 14 year girls (and buying more Crocs than a girl needs) I found myself subconsciously singing the Jordin Sparks song “Tattoo” throughout the whole day. I was so confused to why I had that in my head since I don’t own any of her music or didn’t even watch American Idol when she was on. THEN it hit me! The damn shopping mall had it on a mother fucking continuous cycle. Swear to Sweet Baby Jesus! It was everywhere!!! So, I did what any semi-sane person would do…I got home and downloaded the song. Hey, in for a penny – in for a pound. If you want to hear what caused my near meltdown you can click here.

Music of the Day – Local Edition
Atmosphere, a local hip hop band that is making it huge right now. They were on Letterman last week. (Notice the singers Obama’s t-shirt.)

Atmosphere – You (live on Letterman)


k-bro said...

Ooh, I hope your bad math is correct. I want to see the Franchise in KC.


Baseball_Lipgloss said...

I think he will be either Friday or Saturday. What games are you going to?

k-bro said...

Both. =-)