Thursday, August 28, 2008

In summer/I’m just saying/But not a sound/De sha tian/Wo tsai suo suo, but tchu co

I am a bad, bad baseball blogger!
I can only offer my apologies along with excuses:
* The political conventions are sucking my time up
* My tattoo itches
* The late games make it hard for me to watch baseball
* I have been planning Eddie Guardado’s party
* It’s kind of depressing
* I got sucked into I can’t get “never gonna give you up, never gonna let you go” out of my head…Damn you Rick Astley!
* My cat ate my blog
* I miss Lambers salt ‘n pepper beard (not to be confused with Salt N Peppa)
* Facebook has been holding me hostage
* I just didn’t wanna

And last but not least…

* I need to make my posters for the American Idol concert on Sunday!

Hey, I am not the only one feeling the depression/sadness/frusteration here.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim series
8/21 – L 2-1
8/22 – W 9-0
8/23 – L 5-7
8/24 – L 3-5

Can’t believe we are losing to them series
8/25 – L 2-4
8/26 – L 2-3
8/27 – W 6-5

I was able to catch some of yesterday' game from a comfy barstool at 8th Street Grill (where we were celebrating E.V.’s birthday – Woot! Woot!) So hopefully I can cuss some sense into them.

Non-Baseball but no less important

Huh. So that’s how this week is going to be, huh.

The other night, due to unforeseen issues I feasted on Fruit Loops cereal and beer for dinner.

First, mock thyself and then mock others
Wanna bet?
I wore a stylish (yes, IT IS stylist) side ponytail yesterday. Do you wanna bet that some of my un-fashionable male-dofus in my office made an 80’s hairstyle comment? It is so tough to work with clueless males who think pleated khakis and tucked in polos make the world-go-round. I am not saying I am a fashion maven but I sure do watch The Hills and read Cosmo. So, to those dofus’ I say “Bring it on mother fuckers! Bring it on!”

Fashion Maven, I may not be
So, it is raining out this morning and I decided to wear a pair of uber-dorky socks with my foam shoes (Crocs.) The end result is pretty dorkilicious but at least my feet aren’t wet. So there.PHOTO

Fangirling Countdown
So, Sunday I will be at the American Idol concert. I know, right!?!? I am bringing my co-worker’s daughter (I call her my “beard” because if I wasn’t taking her I would never go to the concert and I really, really want to.) Anyways…O and I will be at the concert fangirling over David Cook (okay, I will be the one fangirling over him and she’ll most likely be squealing that high-pitched prepubescent girl screech over David Archuleta.) My plan is to take her early to meet the Idols when they come out for autographs during the day. Me thinks me needs to rock my poster making skillz (yes, with a “z”.) Any ideas? It’s too bad we threw away the “We heart JB” sign from our baseball roadtrip. That would have been confusingly funny.

Music of the Day – Commercial edition
You know how I love finding new music via commercials! I saw this one during the Olympics and the song is hauntingly beautiful.

GE – Love Story commercial, In Summer by Cao Fang


k-bro said...

Ahem, Jen, um...not to be picky or anything, but I'm pretty sure the Twins won the first of the LAA games. I seem to remember Torii not catching Li'l Nicky Punto's hit, and then Li'l Nicky coming in to score in extra innings. Not that correcting you makes this whole road trip a whole lot less painful or anything.

On the plus side, I totally dig your choice of beer! Newcastle is my fav.


Ann said...

Hey Jen!!!!
I was feeling badly because I wasn't keeping up with my connection, but now I don't feel so dog-gone bad about it.
I needed a release tonight so I'm doing that Virtual GNO th'ang.
(I'm going ga-ga over Adele's "Chasing Pavements".)
And now, I think I shall have some Froot Loops and Beer!

Ann said...

Jen, what are you taking for your ailment? (Perhaps I could put it in the punch for the party! ;-> )
Seriously though, I'm sorry you're feeling under-the-weather. Cheers to a quick recovery.
When you're feeling up to it, please, pleaSE, PLEASE tell me what it was like during the RNC!!!!