Monday, September 8, 2008

I bet you’re in a bar/Listening to a country song/Glass of Johnny Walker Red

Whoa, over a week of no-blogging? Totally unforgivable.

Here the newest list of excuses:
* Premier of new 90210 took half of my brain-cells.
* The RNC took over my city and my brain
* I barely survived an American Idol concert (fondly called 12 Hours of Idol)
* I am just bummed out about the Twins. Disheartened, if you will.
* It’s not just me, all the blogosphere seems disenchanted. (I am loving the “dis-“ words today.)

First home-stand in a gajillion years (vs. Detroit)
Friday, 9/5 – W 10-2 (grand slam!)
Saturday, 9/6 – L 4-6 (and a sucky loss at that)
Sunday, 9/7 – L 5-7 (bitter)

Random photo

Non-baseball but still sports related
Are you ready for some football?What football means to me: Tailgating. Yep, that’s it. I go for pre-game festivities and then I get on the train to head home for a nap once the game has started. Tailgating, that is nature at it’s finest. You take one paved parking lot, hundreds of grills, coolers, radios, footballs and drunk fans. On top of that throw in a little smack talk, comfy fleece sweaters, beer, coffee with Bailey’s/Kailua/whiskey and all is right in the world. Man, I love football.

Today starts the Minnesota Vikings 2008 season. Tonight the Vikings play at the Green Bay Packers. Of course, working for a Giant Corporation they have thrown us a bone and declared today Hawaiian Shirt Day Football Jersey Day. The Land O’Cubicles is peppered with Purple & Gold and Green & Gold. There is a huge rivalry on the floor between the Vikes and the Packs. I am hoping for a reenactment of the opening number from West Side Story (a la Sharks & Jets.) Keep your fingers crossed for snapping, twirling and jazz hands.

Non-baseball but no less important
Overheard whilst watching the MTV Music Video Awards with Lucy (age 3)
In regards to watching the Jonas Brothers perform on VMAs
Lucy: He’s just like me!
Jen (shocked): What? How is he like you?
Lucy: He has eyes
Jen: Oh, okay.Lucy: He has curly hair like me.

RIP Rossi’s, RIP
There is a tragedy at the bar. My home-away-from-home for my Monday Night Happy Hour, Rossi’s, is closing its doors.
I will miss:
* Walking down the steps and hearing my name yelled out a la “Norm” from Cheers.
* 2-3-1 (two for one) Riesling wines
* Cheap, tasty food
* Cute piano guy
* TVs that show baseball

The next blog entry will definitely not be baseball related. I wrote what I think is a hilarious recap of my adventures at the American Idol concert. I am going to post it for your amusement, enjoyment and mocking-fodder. So…you have been warned.

Funny Photos
Lucy in her best Paris Hilton "no-photos-please" impersonation.
Lucy and I showing off our ink (er, glitter)

Bathroom wallart is funny.

RNC Drinking Game
With the Republican National Convention being in town last week (and fucking up my commute) I thought it would be fun to create a little drinking game during the speeches.
Do a shot every time they refer to McCain as a “Maverick.” – There is only one Maverick in my world and he hangs with Goose and Iceman. (And there is my Top Gun reference for the day.)

Music of the Day
A while back I posted a video from Thriving Ivory after catching them on VH1. Since then I have listened to their album and really enjoy it (shameless plug.) So, when perusing Youtube to find a video for today I found this one:

Last Call by Lee Ann Womack (featuring Thriving Ivory)

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Tricia said...

How about another "dis" word? The Twins were playing baseball like they were totally discombobulated.

I hope you had a good time at the Idol concert. Those are fun, huh?