Tuesday, September 16, 2008

And shakin’ me up so/That all I really know/Is here you come again/And here I go

I am not going down without a fight!
That’s right! Blogging is back baby! We are in the final stretch. Televisions will be tuned in to the game and the White Sox scores. Eek! I love it!!!

Tonight’s game @6:05
There will be a brief period tonight where I will be flipping back to 90210 because…well, damn it…I love that show. (And so does a few of my blog readers…*cough*Eric*cough*)

You say Target Field, I say Targhetto Field
Target Field, Target Stadium, Targetville, Targetland. The stadium is named. I know some people aren’t very fond of The Target name (and logo) but I like it. I like the safety and security that my second home provides. Let’s see…what can’t Target provide for you? Although…I do foresee some terminology around Targhetto (as we fondly call the one on Hiawatha Ave.)

Last Home stand
Okay, who are all going to games during the last home stand? I will be at Saturday’s game (maybe with my 3 year old niece.) Otherwise I may check out the Thursday game.

Non-baseball but no less important

In which my office is totally The Office
So, we have this big United Way fundraising week coming up in October. I was passive-aggressively roped into leading the Bake Sale. (Me thinks they know of my love for baked goods.) Anyway, I had to assemble a crack-pot team to lead this event. Here is my communication to them:

To: Team Bake Sale
Okay, I am not one for inspirational speeches (that don’t involve swear words) so don’t expect any halftime in a locker room at the Super Bowl moments here. I just want to say that I expect a lot out of you guys and I don’t want to be disappointed. I want to make sure you are aware of the pressure. You see, we need to be the best damn Event Team in the 2008 Land O’Cubicles United Way Campaign. I don’t want a shitty silver medal hanging around my neck, do you? It is Gold or Go Home.

This year’s theme is “Express Your Heart.” Now, I understand that this Hallmark theme doesn’t give us much to work with but I know I have assembled the “A” team that can make it happen. Let’s choose to give from our mother-fucking bleeding hearts!!!

Who’s with me?
Disclaimer: This is all one big joke email; I am no way reflecting negative impacts or forced participation in a corporate sponsored event. Don’t tase me bro.

If you allow me a moment to fangirl
Some of you may know that I “heart” David Cook (winner of American Idol.) Right? Right. So I was shopping online the other night (which is my favorite thing to do after a happy hour celebration) and saw this on the Skechers site.

I almost spewed Diet Dr. Pepper all over my laptop.

Celebrity Sighting
I am like your one-stop shop for random celebrity sightings. Last week I was merrily skipping to my bus stop after participating in a Happy Hour Extravaganza when I saw a gaggle (yes, gaggle) of sketchy/skanky gals standing on the corner. Of course, my first thought was “Wait, those can’t be hookers in downtown Minneapolis…The RNC is over.” Then I got closer and overheard someone say “I love you Ice Cube!” I know who Ice Cube is! I walked over and joined the mass of sparkly, Love’s Baby Soft scented, giant hoop earring wearing ladies and waved. Yep, me and Ice Cube…we’re tight like that. (In case you aren’t sure who Ice Cube is you can check him out on IMDB.)

FINALLY! I have finally finished the video montage from my roadtrip to Kansas City, MO. Music by Dolly Parton (Here you go again) and Waylon Jennings (Dukes of Hazard theme).

Kansas City or Bust!


Tricia said...

Hi Jen! I lived in Ames, Iowa for five years, and I was always puzzled by the name Kum & Go for a c-store/gas station too. Made me giggle whenever I drove by one.

linda said...

There was a Kum & Go in Fargo too. A couple years ago some guy was exposing himself in front of the store and ran inside without his pants. I always wondered if the name inspired him.