Thursday, September 25, 2008

I walk right through the door/Walk right through the door/Hey all right! If I get by, it’s mine/Mine all mine

That’s it.

About Last Night (cliché, I know)
I watched the first few innings of the game from a table in the bar at Don Pablos. (Yeah, yeah, yeah.) Thank goodness the friend I was out to dinner with understands my quirks and was okay having dinner in the bar while I gaze over her right shoulder at the television set. Thanks Lurlene!

After I got home I had a tough decision to make. You see I had to flip between the premiers of Criminal Minds and CSI NY and the game. It took some fancy Flash button work but I succeeded. Of course I missed most of CSI NY due to the nail biting on the field. At the top of the 9th before the first pitch was even thrown I was texting all my baseball peeps to virtually hold my hand.

Sweet baby Jesus! That was close, too close but like I always say “A win is a win is a win is a win.” Makes sense, right?

I must finish all my errands (man, that makes me sound like a mini-van driving soccer mom) and be on my sofa promptly at 7:00 p.m. History may be made and I need to witness it.

Non-baseball but no less important

I created an Overheard section because…well, I either overhear a lot or am overheard a lot.

Overheard in my living room during a toddler dance session
Lucy: I gonna take my pants off now.
Stacy: Wait, why are you taking your pants off?
Lucy: So it is easier to dance.
Stacy (muttering): Yeah ‘cause knit leggings are hard to dance in.

Hey whatever moves ya, Sistah!

Overheard in a PT Cruiser
(one afternoon after picking Lucy up from pre-school)
Lucy (from the backseat): I saw a pink elephant at the park!
Me (muttering to Stacy): Someone’s been toking the bong
… One minute passes
Lucy (shouting): Toking the bong!

Yeah, I am probably not the best influence for a three-year old.

Overheard in the living room whilst watching Criminal Minds
Me: Why is he running after the bomb!?
Stacy: He’s not running after the bomb he’s running after the bomber.
Me: No, he said he was the bomb.
Stacy: No, he said he was the bomber.
Me: No, he’s said that he is the bomb and not in the “Oh snap, he da bomb” way.
Stacy (holding up a picture of David Beckham in an underwear ad: No, he’s da bomb.

True that.

Music of the Day
Just for the sake of fun I put my iPod on shuffle. Let’s see what pops up…Jane’s Addiction! YEAH!!! This is one of my favorite songs (I know, I say that about a lot of songs.) This came out when I was in middle school and I thought I was pretty edgy listening to this instead of Mariah Carey or Color me Badd.

Jane’s Addiction – Been Caught Stealing


linda said...

Jen.........where are you?

Ann said...

Where the heck are you?!?!?