Friday, August 1, 2008

When you’re a Jet/You’re a Jet all the way/From your first cigarette/To your last dyin’ day

Don’t make me take out my hoop earrings
I was oblivious to the drama on the field last night. You see, I was grooving to the smooth blues sounds of Duffy at First Ave (details below.)

About Last Night
Yeah, we are badass…screw Minnesota Nice

I had fun with analogies like West Side Story. It involves snapping, twirling, jazz hands, catch lyrics, political unrest but overall a true love story.

Hey, if this doesn’t scare the crap out of you…NOTHING will!!!

Thanks to my baseball peeps for keeping me informed throughout the night. Oh, and thanks to the valet guys at Zelo’s for letting me hang with them at the Valet Stand and listening to their radio for a bit.

Oh, TBL (Third Base Line) – I am glad I won’t have to bail you out of the pokey.

I am actually at home tonight (ah, the life of a social butterfly *said with sarcasm*) sitting in front of the television and drinking a beer.
* Blackburn (singing in the dead of night) is powering down in the 7th inning and the bullpen is warming up.
*Ruiz got his first major league hit and scored a run
* Harris has back to back doubles
* Baby Jesus hits a homerun and I didn’t even have to make a deal with the devil for it.
* Overheard Bert say Boof’s name in a way I never want it repeated again *shudders* (when Boof got the foul ball when he was in the bullpen.)
* And...we just won.

To quote Bonnie Raitt
People are talking, talking ‘bout people/I hear them whisper, you won’t believe it
* Livan (there goes me singing Elton John) and Monroe are assigned down
* Francisco “F-Bomb” Liriano is called up and may start on Sunday.

Don’t forget the dancers I mocked yesterday!

One Year ago…
From tonight I was sitting in the Metrodome confused as hell trying to figure to figure out what was happening. My cell phone became flooded with text messages from family and friends checking on me to make sure I was okay. One year ago today…

Non-baseball but no less important

Republican National convention
This will be starting up in about a month. I will be looking forward to spotting the celebrities in town. I am really holding out to see Anderson Cooper.

Overheard in my cube
Ames came over to show a fancy, decorative fan that a co-worker gave her as a souvenir from Spain. (You know, one of those pretty fans that you can dance with.) After experimenting with using it as a weapon (Spanish fighting fan) I overheard the accompanying dialog with the fighting moves:
“Watch it or I will go all Spanish on your ass.”
Said by a very pasty white girl.

About Last Night
Last night I was at First Ave watching Duffy perform. Can I just say that she is freaking adorable and has the most amazing voice? It isn’t necessarily smooth but just so unique and textured. Yep, I am a dork today with descriptions. She didn’t get a great review by a local music critic but nonetheless…I had fun and I enjoyed her sound.
Concert Review
The guy that wrote this review was sitting right in front of where I was standing. He was intent on his notes and would occasionally bob his head with the music. I can see his point about her stage presence though. She did have almost choreographed arm moves and poses but they were still charming. She had a big band with her (as in six members big) and they tended to drown her out at points.

Music of the Day – A very special Addition

West Side Story – Jet Song

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