Thursday, July 31, 2008

Black pants suit/Sexy pumps/Take me out to a power lunch

End of Trade Deadline
Let’s wait and see…
* Pudge to Yankees
* Manny to Dodgers (Melty will be very happy)
* Jason Bay to the Red Sox
* Griffey Jr to White Sox

Well, I hate to prove people right
Evidently this clueless gal (and yes, I mean literally clueless) missed out on a heck of a debate over on Alright Hamilton. I figure Daymonster wouldn’t mind if I highlighted his topic over here…on my Girl Blog (Ha, couldn’t resist!) Honest to goodness check it out but don’t ostracize him for his opinions. Ya’ll have had to listen to me yammer on about my hatred of suburbs. Oh, and remember when I posted a picture of Ryan Seacrest? Yeah, I shall not cast stones in the glass house. These are just my opinions and in no way affect the outcome of American Idol or the Presidential race. Those are important items, me blogging about baseball isn’t. Hell, I don’t get paid for this shit so I am the last one to dig for stats or talk numbers. That’s the reason I link to the more Stat-friendly blogs…you know Boy Blogs (again, couldn’t resist.) Let’s lay this out in the open so you know what you are getting:
I watch baseball.
I understand how the game is played.
I bring new non-baseball people to games to convert them.
I verbally spar with co-workers in San Franscisco over stats.
I keep a relatively accurate scorecard.
I drink beer.
I eat sunflower seeds.
I paint my toenails pink.
I swear at umpires.
I complain about Punto but listen to other opinions on him.
I fangirled over Barty.
I call my obnoxious co-worker Ass Clown because he mocks me about pretending to watch baseball.
I am a girl baseball blogger…hear me roar.
I am not Norma Rae or Karen Silkwood.

I do think Daymonster got the results he wanted…a heated, amusing debate.

All I ask is, please don’t group me in with discussion on a specific event, a beef with a specific person if-you-will. I had no part. I am not here to take sides (unless a keg of Summit lands on my doorstep, swing vote!) Point is made, feathers are ruffled. The only (other) things that I find untrue from my perspective:
* The second group of blogs have been saying all of the first group's posts and comments are all
doom and gloom.
* These two types of blogs have been at odds for most of the season.
* But my issue is of late, that the second group of blogs and people like them often complain that the first group aren't Twins Fans.

As a reader of all the baseball blogs she can find (because working is for chumps) I think the above comments are not actual-factual (rhyming is fun.) Generalizing is not a way to win your points or arguments. Dude! Man-up…have a real live debate, argue your topic and points in a non-attacking manner. Don’t drag me in bitching and moaning…you will kill my buzz and that won’t make this blogger happy.

Maybe those of us in the second group should have a new slogan – Have Boobs, Will Blog!

So if anyone cares, I did go to the game last night
* It was doomed from the start.
* Please tell me there is at least one other person who was at the game that mocked the pre-game dancers!?!?! I swear to Baby Jesus that I was in a time warp where someone half-assed rapped along with Rihanna’s Umbrella, did slow dance moves and twirled!
* We couldn’t blame Mother Booze for Amy and I singing the chorus to Elton John’s Levon. We were sober.
* Heard that Bert said that the Twins should give Quentin a wedgie. Sometimes Bert can be totally badass.

Non-baseball and probably way less important

Tonight, tonight
Tonight I will be rocking at First Ave and seeing Duffy in concert. Look for a music video from her tomorrow and maybe a little gushing. I am just predicting that she will be AWESOME!!!

Amy spotted on Highway 94: A cherry red midlife-crisis car with a license plate reading “No1Dude.”
My theory: If you have to spell it out for people you probably aren’t a Number 1 Dude.

Random Countdowns:
* One month until American Idol concert – and yes, I will be fangirling…deal with it.
* One week and one day until Foley, Ames and I hit the open road and drive to Kansas City, MO for the MN Twins vs. KC Royals baseball game.
* One month until my city is taken hostage by the Republican National Convention.
* One day until the one year anniversary of the 35W bridge disaster.
* One hour until a painfully boring meeting starts.

Hey, butt off my snacks
Someone (not naming names) sat down in my guest office chair yesterday and smashed my afternoon snack.
Exhibit A:

The title alone is funny
CJ: Nellie Oleson shows up at the little bar on the prairie
We Minnesotans love our LHOTP references (that’s Little House on the Prairie for those who don’t know.) When it was announced that Melissa Gilbert would be starring in the Little House on Prairie play opening at the Guthrie everyone was a-tizzed over the news. Half-pint would be in Minnesota!!! Then the cherry on the sundae? Nellie Oleson stopped by to show some support. And yes, there really is a drink called the Nasty Nellie and no I don’t know what is in it but I aim to find out.

Music of the Day – Local Edition
Well, I learned something new today. Har Mar Superstar is a comic musician born in Minnesota and named after the Har Mar mall in Roseville. He has appeared with the Strokes in London, Never Mind the Buzzcocks show and Jimmy Kimmel Live. Evidently I am the only one who hasn’t heard of him.

Har Mar Superstar on Jimmy Kimmel Live


Katie said...

"Have Boobs, Will Blog." F'ing BRILLIANT.

I like how Pudge LOOKS as evil as the Yankees ARE. It could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship there.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Me thinks we have a new banner to hang over the railing at the Dome. You in? I envision hot pink poster board. You are the queens of signs!!!

Nikki said...

We were there to observe the pre-game dancers Wednesday and you're was baaaaaaaad. Thankfully our seats were down by the Twins bullpen so we could distract ourselves with the interesting stretch positions the boys put themselves into before the game. :)

bizmarkie507 said...

I still stand by what I said in AH!

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Nikki, thank goodness. I thought for a moment I was just being extremely mean and catty in my head. Ella ella eh eh…

Thanks for stopping by AND after going back to re-reading your comment in AH I enjoyed a very unladylike snort of laughter. So…did it work? Did you score any digits? :)

haasertime said...
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bizmarkie507 said...

me getting digits. Ha! Thats a good one.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Have you tried wearing a pink Mauer halfsies t-shirt? (Not unlike the Frankie Says Relax one Ross wears in an episode of Friends.) That would almost guarantee you digits from a female Twins fan.

Wouldn't I make an excellent Wing-man? Eh...prolly not.

bizmarkie507 said...

In theory, thats a bulletproof plan, unfortunately, I think a Pink Mauer Jersey would attract more men than females : (