Tuesday, July 29, 2008

All eyes look up to me/High above the filthy streets/Head no bullhorn when it calls

First of all,
I apologize for having a picture of Ryan Seacrest on my baseball blog. I totally experienced the “day after” syndrome when I was looking back and went: “What the hell? Did I really post a picture of Seacrest? Oh sweet baby Jesus!” So…my apologies.

Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie Oye! Oye! Oye!
Last night I got home from the bar and turned on the game (hey, that sounds familiar) in time to see Slowey’s 8th inning shut-out and the anticipation of 9 Innings of Wonder!

Slow ride, take it easy
Brilliant 6-hit shutout for Slowey! Congrats!!! You can crack a smile though…

Need a break?
Remember that baseball Twix commercial where the umpire has to make a call but is struggling so he pops a Twix stick in his mouth for more time? Yeah, it looks like our Ump need a Twix last night with Dye’s called homerun but was actually a foul ball situation. I am glad it got worked out in the end but “Come on Blue!” Mmm…Twix.

Let’s rewind a bit
Earlier in the evening whilst sitting on a bar stool at Nami, eating sushi and enjoying happy hour, I received a few text messages from my baseball circle (or Calling Tree, if you will.) Evidently AJ dyed his hair a white blonde color. My first thought was to text Those Girls to see their reaction. Then when I got home I saw the damage real-time. It harkens back to the good old days at Bayside. AJ’s new ‘do is an older man version of the Zack Morris style (minus the black roots but let’s wait a few weeks.)

Since we are talking Saved by the Bell

Non-baseball but no less important

Someone didn’t want me to brush my teeth this morning

Damn you radio!
You are trying to make me mental!After seeing Iron Man last week I spent the rest of the week and weekend singing Black Sabbath’s Iron Man. I finally (FINALLY!) got the song out of my head and then what happens? Mother F-ing Classic Rock Radio Station plays it. You are all doomed! I apologize in advance to my cube-mates.

Concert update – Wishlist included
Motorhead – very tempting to go to this just to say “I totally saw Motorhead last night…”
NIN (Nine Inch Nails, for those who missed out on the mid-90’s)
Journey/Cheap Trick – The Monday Night Happy Hour Crew is tossing this idea around
Duffy – the concert is this Thursday and I have a conflict but I may do some creative arranging
The Ting Tings – I want to go to this but not alone (because I won’t be able to dance crazy by myself.) Anyone in the Minneapolis area going?
Black Crowes – They are playing at the MN State Fair
They Might Be Giants
Glamorama, Macy’s Fundraising Event – Musical guests Cyndi Lauper and MC Hammer…Can’t touch this
Fangirly concert of the moment – THE FRATELLIS at First Ave!!!

Music of the Day – Local Edition
I am proud to say The Replacements came out of Minneapolis.
The Replacements – The Ledge

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