Saturday, July 26, 2008

I can taste the fear/Gonna lift me up and take me out of here/Don’t wanna fire, don’t wanna die

Hey Look! I am practically real-time blogging
I must confess I am blogging in order to distract myself from the scary movie playing on my television. We are watching The Orphanage and it is freaking me the fuck out. So…I blog to cope. (I just know I will be having nightmares tonight.) So be warned…there will be lots of profanity because I am “freaking the fuck out!”

I was at Merlin’s Rest last night having a pint and dinner with Jolene and evidently the Irish Pubs of South Minneapolis don’t subscribe to broadcasting the game. Hmpf. I came and turned the game on in the 7th. Here are some half-assed notes I jotted down.
* I saw about a hundred replays of Go-Go’s battle with the wall.
* Morneausey went boom. It is nice to see him find his stride (being the Home Run Champ and all.)
* My baseball namesake came in to pitch for Cleveland Rocks in the 9th and did a crap job. (Some of the guys in the office call me Kobiyashi because it’s similar to my last name.)
* At our last at-bat Dick said “Last hope for the Twins, Nick Punto.” Huh, not words of comfort.
* Damn, for a moment there I started a rally in my own livingroom. I channeled the Little Engine that Could and was chanting “I think we can, I think we can, I think we can.”

I watched all of tonight’s game from the comfort of my own home.
* Right after we scored our first run in the 1st inning I went to grab a soda and in the moments it took me to come back we were up 6 to nothing.
* Baker did a bang-up job…bravo.
* I saw Go-Go’s haircut for the first time (*cough*sober*cough*) and I like it…sorry Those Girls.
* Looks like Go-Go will be out a few more days (which according to MLB is a blessing in disguise.)

* Buscher, Lambers and Span had good nights at the plate.

Blackburn (sings in the dead of night) is pitching tomorrow at noon against Sowers. Let’s win the series, okay? Okay.

Hey, have you seen this?

My Jeep is P.I.M.P-ed out.


The Fratellis will be playing at First Ave on September 10! I have been waiting FOREVER and EVER for them to come back to Minneapolis (or the Midwest in general, I am willing to travel) and now my wish has been granted. (Okay Santa Claus, where the fuck’s my pony?) I am going to be there. Will you?

New Celebrity crush
Ryan Seacrest! I KNOW! I can barely believe it myself but after watching more E! News Weekend then is probably healthy I came to the conclusion that I really like him. I mean, all the stalkerazzis from TMZ say he’s a super nice guy. I mean, their opinions have to matter for something, right? And besides, I always chuckle at the bits with Ryan Seacrest and Joel McHale. Seacrest out.

Did you know…?
That you can buy pregnancy tests in bulk on…’cause you can.

Rant on my friends, Rant on
Today’s rant is brought to you by the number 4 and the letter B. This evening I almost ran over a damn bike-riding hipster with my fucking SUV. Note: Just because you buy a Target reissued old fashioned bicycle with a basket doesn’t make you exempt from traffic laws. Next time, I aim.

Evidently not everyone thinks I am cool
I saw my tiny, baby cousin Ty (okay, he’s 18 years old) driving around my neighborhood all pimped out in his grey with black racing stripes fancy hot rod. I guess the fact I was smiling and waving at him wasn’t cool. I think I got an eye roll.

Music of the Day
We are breaking from the Local Music Spotlight because my list is at work. I am giving you the music video from the band I have tried, really tried to like but I just can’t buy into the hype. However, this one song of theirs must have subliminal messages that make me listen to it over and over again. Arcade Fire, they have received so many indie awards and yet I still mock them.

Arcade Fire – Intervention

Swear count: 5 (whoa.)

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