Thursday, July 17, 2008

Walking around with your head in the clouds/Makes no sense at all/Makes no difference at all

I got nothing!
Seriously folks, it is a dull day for baseball. They even are repeating the Home Run Derby just for kicks and giggles. So, feel free to hit your “back” browser unless…you want some trashy non-baseball news and updates (below.) Hey, what other baseball blog can you read about Willie Nelson Day, David Cook and Husker Du?

Non-baseball but no less important

Willie Nelson Day
You heard it here first folks! Saturday, July 19 is Willie Nelson Day at the Electric Fetus record store. You won’t want to miss this! I’ll be there and maybe Willie will be too (he’s playing at a casino the night before.)

And the Emmy Nomination goes to…
Here are what’s important from the hours circus around the announcement:

Outstanding Comedy Series
30 Rock
Curb Your Enthusiasm
The Office
Two and a Half Men

Outstanding Drama Series
Boston Legal
Mad Men

Outstanding Host for a Reality (Competition)
American Idol – Ryan Seacrest
Dancing with the Stars – Tom Bergeron
Deal or No Deal – Howie Mandel
Project Runway – Heidi Klum
Survivor – Jeff Probst

Outstanding Miniseries
Cranford (Masterpiece Theatre)
John Adams
The Andromeda Strain
Tin Man

Outstanding Reality Competition Program
American Idol
Dancing With the Stars
Project Runaway
The Amazing Race
Top Chef

Outstanding Picture Editing of Clip Packages for Talk, Performance, Award or A Reality-Competition Program
80th Annual Academy Awards (Oscar Show Tribute Sequence)
American Idol Episode 733 (David Cook Goes Home) - commence eye rolling
Dancing with the Stars Episode 610 (Head to Head package)
Jimmy Kimmel Live After the Academy Awards (I’m F***ing Ben Affleck)
Jimmy Kimmel Live 5th Year Anniversary Show (I’m F***ing Matt Damon)

Okay, I stopped reading. There are some pretty damn boring categories.

New purchases
Remember when I was fangirling over Urban Outfitters and the Obama t-shirts? Well, I fell in love with two watches on the site and ordered those online. Right now they are (as if they weren’t inanimate objects) in Georgia and heading north! Hopefully I will have them soon so I can impress ya’ll with my rocking new style. Ha.

Music of the Day - Hometown pride
I decided it was time to share all the great music that has come out of my fine state. Each day I will highlight a local guy/gal/group that has influenced the world of music. Everyone from Husker Du to Prince to Paris Bennett (from American Idol.) They may differ in music but they all have a connection to Minnesota. Hey, I learned something new and maybe you will too.

Husker Du – Makes No Sense At All


James said...

Outstanding Comedy Series
30 Rock
Curb Your Enthusiasm
The Office
Two and a Half Men

its a tough choice between 30 Rock and The Office

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

I gotta go with The Office since it mocks everything sad in my life (cubicles and such.)