Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I want you/If you want me too/I have one question/ Can I help you/Now watch me what I do

All-Star Break = boring moments in baseball (well, except for that one little thing that involved Morneausey winning the Home Run Derby title.)
I saw my ass down at watched the Home Run Derby last night. I didn’t have high hopes for entertainment due to the fact last year’s was boring as hell. Huzzah! I was proven wrong. Between the sweetly victorious ending and the sappy sob story of Hamilton’s I was hooked (line and sinker.) Don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of groan-worthy, cheesy moments that tempted my flipping finger (as in flipping the channel not in flipping the television off.) Let’s recap those moments:
* Hamilton’s regrets his tattoos and would remove them if the process wasn’t so painful.
* Hearing the announcers say “71-year old batting practice coach” a trillion times.
* All the details of his recovery over and over again. Wait, Hamilton…doesn’t he play baseball?
* David Ortiz being on camera every flipping second. I mean, I know he’s entertaining but not that entertaining.
* Did I mention that the tattooed, recovering Hamilton had his 71-year old high school batting practice coach pitch to him? Yeah…

But enough of that…
Let’s focus on the good news. Morneausey is crowned 2008 Home Run Derby Champion. I swear to Sweet Baby Jesus (not the Mauer variety) that if I hear one more person go…”We won’t remember who won we’ll remember Hamilton” …I will do something. I am not sure what but it will be something painful and dastardly. Seriously. I got hooked into the Hamilton storyline and was amazed at his feat…however Morneausey won, he has the trophy to prove it. And moving on.

Hitting below the belt yet oddly hilarious
I know, I know…I need to grow up, act my age and not giggle at things like this…

But come on! It is kind of funny.
Taken from the Huffington Post

Non-baseball but no less important

And I am back…
Well, I have finally left my seclusion. I am back in the Land of Living. You see these past two days I have been holed up in my house, alone, with the internet, cable and plenty of naps. However, after 48-hours of solo-ness I am ready to get back to real life. I am making myself crazy. Here are the conclusions I came to:
* I bore myself
* Leaving the house after seclusion feels like being in a fish bowl
* The cats think I am stupid (I swear they are talking about me behind my back.)
* There is only so much internet you can search before you get bored
* Showering becomes less of a priority
* Self make-overs make me realize why I don’t wear pastel eye shadows
* Talking to one’s self is crazy and maybe the first sign to the leave the house

Sounds of the City
Ah, summer in the city. There I was sitting in the house at 11:05 p.m. on a Saturday night. The windows were open to let the fresh breeze in. The television is muted so I can eavesdrop on the fight across the street. Yep, summer is here. The woman is screaming obscenities and it is at the perfect pitch where it makes my eyes squint and the hairs stand on my arm. Hopefully she figures her shit out before I go to sleep.

I am in love with…
Urban Outfitters. You see, I have been searching for this hilarious Barack Obama t-shirt I saw on a not-to-be-named-rocker-because-Amy-will-make-fun-of-me. *cough*DavidCook*cough* After some serious Google searching I found out that Urban Outfitters carries the line and fell in love with this t-shirt

Sorry, that is kind of political but I lurve it.

Product Watch – this one ain’t for the boys
Nair In-Shower Hair Remover
So, I tried this whilst showering this morning. It actually fucking works! It’s easy, it’s no-mess and did I mention that it worked? The smell reminds me of old-school perms and I don’t even want to think about what kinds of chemicals are in it to make it burn the hair off your legs. *shudders*

Music of the day
We are back to a commercial. Yesterday during the Home Run Derby I saw the commercial below about a million times. (And it never got boring.) I love the combination of Pharrell, Santogold and Julian Casablancas. Here’s the full length song…enjoy.

NERD featuring Santogold & Julian Casablancas (The Strokes)


Tricia said...

That Obama shirt is awe-some. I think I might need one too.

Love your David Cook obsession. He seems like a cool dude. Are you going to run out & buy his album this winter? I have to warn you, there'll probably be a lot of sugary sweet cliched pop music on it. That's how AI albums are. (Not that I've ever, ahem, bought any!)

Katie said...

If the media and powers that be don't like the rules of the Derby, they should change them. Justin won fair and square by the rules, not that he will ever get any credit for it.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Urban Outfitters has lots of cool Obama stuff...shot glasses, buttons, t-shirts, yadda yadda.
Hahaha...you may be the only one who loves my David Cook Obsession (now on being called DCO.) I bought a Kelly Clarkson album once but I think it was her 2nd one. Yeah, I will most likely buy his solo album and take the ribbing and mocking with good spirits.

True that. I suffered a few innings of tonight’s game of announcers talking about Hamilton overcoming his hardships. I know more about him than most of my family.