Friday, July 11, 2008

If you are what you say you are/A superstar/Then have no fear/The camera’s here

Aw shit.
I would like to think that this little bit of losing isn’t my fault but I can’t necessarily be blameless. I mean, I didn’t watch any of the Boston series. I chose Thai food and K-Sprag’s Tivo recording of David Cook on The View. (Don’t even get me start on what kind of hell I belong in when I have to watch Elizabeth Hasselback.) I also chose to go to the George Michael concert. However, I am still a little suspicious of two co-workers of mine who ventured to Boston and saw some games with the Big Green Monster.

So we limped out of Boston after a rough sweep!
In case you were living in a cave (or didn’t want to peek through your fingers):
7/7 L 0-1
7/8 L 5-6 (although the announcers were fangirling over Blackburn saying he did a good job)
7/9 L 5-18 (ouch)

Never fear…we squeezed out a win in Detroit Rock City (7-6)
Tonight I swear on my brand new Sidekick that I will be watching the game.

Non-baseball but no less important

Michael, George Michael
Set List
Waiting, Fastlove, I’m Your Man, Father Figure, Hard Day, Everything She Wants, One More Try, Different Corner, Easier Affair, Too Funky, Star People, Faith, Spinning the Wheel, Fantasy, Feeling Good, Roxanne, Kissing a Fool, Amazing, Flawless, Outside, First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, Careless Whisper, Freedom 90

If you want to check out the photos I took click here for my photobucket link.

Funny Bathroom Art
Before you ask…no, I didn’t write this

Nothin’ But a Good Time
Rumor amongst the cubicles is that Poison (the band) was staying at the hotel in my same building. We saw the big tour buses parked outside but due to a freak storm we were unable to walk around and peak inside. *cough*stalk*cough* (And I don’t even really love Poison, at least not enough to wait and meet them in person.)

See, those who don’t like American Idol can stay away…
This tidbit of news came from Amy who has spent the past few months rolling her eyes over my fascination with David “American Idol” Cook.

David Cook Laces Up Shoe Deal with Sketchers

…and queue gratuitous picture

Let me introduce my new favorite inanimate object
Hello, my name is Jen and I am addicted to cell phones. Hi Jen! So, I bought a new Sidekick this week and she’s damn pretty. I am a little overwhelmed by her awesomeness (yes I am channeling a 15-year old.) She hasn’t been named yet but I am leaning towards Ninja. Alas Chuck, my old Sidekick, has been retired to a lovely farm in the country where he can run outside all day.

This is the second Lupe Fiasco song I have posted on my blog. You may remember “Daydreamin’” in reference to a cell phone commercial. I think he’s a genius when it comes to mixing musical styles to create a unique sound. Ah, enough fangirling…here you go!

Lupe Fiasco - Superstar


Ann said...

I am truly sorry that ANY of us have to suffer Elizabeth Hasselback.
(I'm going to YouTube to check it out.)
And I have to say, "Aw Shit" has to be the best blog opening ever!

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

The nice thing about Tivo was the ability to fast forward through her self-promoting rambles. Argh. At least David Cook looked good :)