Monday, July 7, 2008

These are the days of the empty hand/Oh you hold on to what you can/and charity is a coat you wear

It’s good to be a MN Twins fan
I caught a lot of bits and pieces of baseball this weekend. This is old news but…
* Swept the Indians
* Getting positive press
* 50 games won (home)
* Those Girls got the new hardhats.

Hey now you’re an All Star get your game on, go play
And in more old news…Baby Jesus, Morneausey and Nathan have been nominated to the All-Star game. Time will tell if anyone one (meaning Baby J or Morneausey) will be participating in the Home Run Derby. I watched that for the first time last year and after the introductions I was bored out of my mind. Maybe it’s different seeing it live. Maybe…

Local News:
Sid Hartman: Santana, Hunter not selected as All-Stars

Jim Souhan: Go-go-going in the right direction

I won’t be watching the game tonight due to a George Michael’s concert (see below for details) but I will be following it on my cell phone.

In other news:
CC Sabathia traded away from our League…whew

Non-baseball but no less important
Question: Is there anything worse than coming back to a cubicle on a Monday morning after a three-day weekend?
Answer: Hell no.

George Michael concert
Your truly (as previously mentioned) will be rocking at the George Michael concert on tonight. I will be in attendance with Ryan, and I have a feeling we will both be fangirling, dancing and singing along with G.M. Here’s to hoping he plays all my favorites and maybe a couple Wham numbers. I wonder if I can find a “Choose Life” t-shirt…

Proof that Lucy is on the fast track to being a Rock Star
As if you needed more…

Lucy’s way cool, ultra-hip Auntie (me) decided to teach her the Rock Salute. After a couple of duds and a few inappropriate, unbeknownst to her, hand gestures she got it down.

RIP Bozo
I hope I am not the one breaking this news to you but aBozo (The Clown) passed away on Thursday. I am partial to that particular clown because I remember watching his show. He’s like my generation’s “Howdy Doody.”

Please hold the judgment until I go all the way off my rocker
Okay, I am going to admit something that 99% of my blog readers will…roll their eyes, mock me in the breakroom or snort with laughter. There will be 1% of you who totally are in concurrence with me. Here goes…I bought David Cook postage stamps.
I KNOW! I KNOW! What the hell was I thinking?!?
Before thou judges me just know that A.) I did need stamps, B.) It’s my first time and C.) He’s like the only American Idol Champion that I have ever supported in any way. Seriously. Okay, bring it on. Bring it on Judgy McJudgertons. I can take it. By the way, I imagine the site of me shiftily checking the mail maybe be along the same lines as I would envision someone getting porn delivered. I am just saying…

Music of the Day
Now, if you discount the lounge-act video screen crap this is a great song and he did a fantastical job!

George Michael – Praying for Time (live on American Idol Final)

And to embrace my inner-fangirl here are the 2008 Top 12 American Idols singing a medley of George Michael’s hits.


Krissy said...

Im sorry I didnt even know there were Idol postage stamps! Shows how hip I am...Well I say go for it! If thats what you want, do it! I bought the sheet of Muppets stamps and I will keep them forever. I hope you keep some of Davids, ya jnow, to show the grandkids...

PumpkinGirl said...

George Michael used to have a nice rear. You'll have to check it out.

Ann said...

There are David Cook STAMPS?!?
Are you Photoshopping and messing with us?