Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This is to New York City angels/And the rivers of our blood/This is to all of us, to all of us

All-Star Dramaz
They had me at hello.

Queue music, queue Jen’s goosebumps and weepy eyes. Nothing like good old fashioned recaps, video montages and hall of famers to get me verklempt.
Here are my thoughts during extravaganza:
* I was sad to see Dave Winfield and Paul Molitor in logos other than the Twins.
* Rod Carew received some loud cheers and that made me happy.
* I was cheering from the comfort of my living room (with beer in hand.)
* My Passive-Aggressive Minnesota-Nice self was feeling bad for laughing at A-Rod yesterday (via photos) so when they announced him and he walked out and hugged the 3rd Base Hall of Famers I said “He’s a nice boy.”
* Dude! I wouldn’t want to be standing in the area a homerun ball was hit because those people were like rabid dogs scavenging for the ball. Ouch.
* I don’t know many NL players.
* I got a little bored.
* The crowd was starting to piss me off with all the booing. I know, I know it was their home turf and all but at least try to be respectful. Included in that bit was the drama around Papelbon…seriously folks.
* I know I shouldn’t care but I was extremely happy that the AL won.

On Break
A few more days of no baseball and then we’re back at it.

Non-baseball but no less important

What do you think you will pick up with these lines? Herpes?
* Do you have a library card? Cuz I’d like to sign you out.
* Is there a mirror in your pants? Cuz I can see myself in them.
* I know I am no Fred Flintstone, but I bet I can make your bed-rock.
* I can’t find my puppy; can you help me find him? I think he went into this cheap motel.
* Your eyes are as blue as window cleaner.

There would have to be an awful lot of vodka involved for any of those to work. Or, they would have to come out of the mouth of Orlando Bloom/David Cook/Anderson Cooper.

Trader Joe’s and I made dinner last night
Yep, I cooked. Color everyone shocked. My entire meal was provided by the lovely granola hippies at Trader Joe’s. If you have never been to a Trader Joe’s get yourself there. Some of my personal favorite items are:
cinnamon scones, chicken tenders in yellow curry and chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches.

Personal Theory
When asking someone if they know Poison their reactions can be divided into three groups:
Ages 33+ will think of the song Every Rose Has a Thorn by Poison
Ages 23-33 will think of Bell Biv Devoe and their song Poison (that girl is poison/never trust a big butt and smile/that girl is poison poison)
Ages 15-23 will think of the VH1 show Rock of Love with Bret Michaels and that he was in this band called Poison.

Music of the Day
NEW MUSIC ALERT! I just saw this music video and I can’t stop thinking about it. The lead singers unique voice and use of guyliner makes it a Win-Win.

Thriving Ivory – Angels on the Moon


linda said...

"he's a nice boy"-I thought the exact thing. Fell asleep in the 12th inning and was happy to see Justin's pretty slide when turned on TV this morning.

Ann said...

Man I get a kick out of you!!!!
And how weird is it that while I was watching the All-Star game I was wondering what you thought of it.
(I'm not a stalker. I promise.
Or is that just what a stalker would say?

Baseball_Lipgloss said...


YOU are hilarious!

Make sure to check out the song I attached to this blog entry. I caught them on VH1 You Outta Know and they are pretty cool (since you are my Music Partner-in-Crime.)