Thursday, August 7, 2008

If I live every moment/Won’t change any moment/Still a part of me in you/I will never regret you

Okay, this is really hard for me to prioritize correctly
You see, I had the ultimate fangirl moment earlier today after reading an article that David Cook (current reigning American Idol) took batting practice with the Mets. But, more on that later. Let’s get to the meat and potatoes of this blog!

The Twins have an off-day today and are heading to KC (me too!) Let’s hope they use this time wisely and reflect upon the past few games. I mean, we’ve lost games before but they haven’t been anything as ugly as Monday and Tuesday’s games. Ugh.

Moooving On – Hey, at least we didn’t get swept by Seattle…Right?
Yesterday’s game was wobbly, at best. It is nice seeing Span get credit for his playing – four RBIs and a spectacular catch. At the beginning of the season I was Pro-Gomez (and still am) but I think Span deserves a shot too. I know Gardy is trying to figure out how to juggle the field but something good will happen. (Yes, I am optimistic to a fault today – don’t worry, it won’t last long.) So, Amy is going to slaughter me in the car on the way to KC for saying this but she has a habit of missing day games and watching the rebroadcasts at night, thinking they are live. I know, I know…this is where she’s going to get mad. It is fucking hilarious. I have gotten her twice now on those games. I call to find her watching the game and make a comment like “yeah, sucks we lost huh?” She gives me one of the “What the fuck are you talking about?” sounds and then I gently break it to her that the game was actually played earlier in the day. She makes me laugh.

So my love of baseball and addiction to American Idol combine
David Cook (*sigh* I know you guys are sick of me talking about American Idol) was at Shea Stadium today and took batting practice with the Mets. Okay, this may be a little fangirly of me but how awesome would it be to be at that game? David Cook, Santana pitching and a beautiful day? Made of Win!
American Idol David Cook takes batting practice with New York Mets

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In other sporting news that doesn’t revolve around baseball or David Cook
It is like fate threw me a magical bone! Brett Favre to the Jets. If there ever is a perfect time for more West Side Story references it is right now! So…I give you…

Non-baseball but no less important

Too bad I can’t carry a tune and my friend’s don’t hesitate to tell me I suck at singing
Whilst I am in KC, enjoying some baseball, the American Idol try-outs will be held at the same time. Let’s see…if I were to audition (which there is no way in hell I will) I would sing Dexie’s Midnight Runners “Come on Eileen.” For realz.

KC or Bust
I leave Friday morning for Kansas City, Missouri.
Seven hours in a car with Ames and Foley/Feather
Two nights in downtown KC
Two baseball games (KC vs. Minnesota Twins)
One awkward sign for the baseball game
Some shopping
Lots of drinking

I have never been to KC before (I may have briefly been in KC, Kansas though but I tend to block-out stuff.) Since there will be a long time in the car with the girls and there is a chance I will be thrown out along the highway (due to my assumed snotty comments on Def Leppard) I would like to leave my Last Will & Testament:
In the case of my untimely demise I bequeath
* All my hair products to my co-worker C-Sha
* My valuable worldly possessions go to Lucy
* My American Idol ticket goes to E.V. (because even from the Great Beyond I want to torture him a little bit more.)
* My New Kids on the Block ticket goes to anyone who can sing their new single “Summertime” which will then be followed up with a punch in the gut.
* My music collection will be donated to anyone lacking in a cool music education. (Presumptive? Yes.)
* All the crap and collectibles from my desk will be put into a big box and lit aflame in honor of my years of servitude.

Please note: I am assuming that Foley and Ames will go down with me in a fiery blaze of glory.

I hate hearing about other people’s dreams (unless I am in them)
…and yet I am sharing mine with you. Okay, I never NEVER write about dreams I have because, well…let’s be honest…the sleeping drugs keeps everything blank (just the way I like it.) Anyways, last night I had two separate dreams. The first one I associate with the fact I got my hair ‘did the other day. I dreamt my stylist gave me bangs! *gasp!* Mother Fucking Bangs! I didn’t cry in my dream but I was really distraught. Evidently I used a lot of barrettes. The second dream had to do with baseball and I associate that with the fact I am embarking on a grand baseball tour of Missouri (well, one part of it.) I dreamt I was in the stands and a foul ball came at us (and me being the ultimate scaredy cat hid under my seat.) However, fate intervened and had the ball gently roll to a stop in front of me. I picked it up, victoriously! I got a foul ball! Then the lady standing next to me yanked it out of my hands and said she called it. Well, being the way I am (even in my dreams) I took out my hoop earrings and shoved her back for the ball. I also lectured her on the rules of finders-keepers, grabbers-dead.
*Disclaimer – I do not condone actual violence and would never push and would most likely kick the ball away from me. However, I do support taking out earrings.

Music of the Day
What? You are curious about what song is stuck in my head? Well, let me appease you of those thoughts. Thanks to Albertville Outlet Mall and their repetitive Muzak system I now have last years (?) American Idol winner, Jordan Sparks, song stuck in my head. Damn you Outlet Mall!!!

Jordan Sparks – Tattoo


linda said...

Have a great time in KC. Will be looking forward to a report.
Yes, it was great to see Span shine and I agree he deserves a shot. I am still pro Gomez as he brought a lot of fun in the beginning of the season when no one really stood out from all of the new faces.
It is starting to seem like "Project Runway." One day you are in, the next you are out." Or something along those lines.

Tricia said...

It's not the outlet mall's fault American Idol keeps churning out those fluffy, catchy pop songs.

Be sure to get to the ballpark early at least one day. The crew at Kaufmann lets you wander around at will. It's awesome! Last year Nick Blackburn was standing there chatting away with a fellow Twins fan right next to us, but we didn't know who he was.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

First of all, big props on Project Runway reference. I just bought a Gomez t-shirt for my KC trip! Here's hoping it brings luck.

Hahaha...I know, it really isn't the outlet mall's fault but it is blame the mall or blame my brain for being so spongy. Weird, I know.
We will for sure be at the ballpark early on Saturday (with signs so hopefully we can get circled.)