Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pittsburgh or Bust, Part III: PirateFest

In 17 days, Sarah (@baseballhappy) and I will be venturing to the great city of Pittsburgh (yeah, I know…not a lot of people preface it with Great). It’s one of our favorite cities for a few reason: Pirates, Garrett Jones, food, PNC Park. SO ANYWAYS, we’re heading out there for PirateFest at the end of the month. They’re will be Garret Jones-ing, Primanti Brothers sandwich eating, eyerolling, and other shenanigans to fill our weekend. If by some act of weirdness you are reading this and you are A) a Pirates fan and/or B) going to PirateFest, hit us up! We’re really nice…usually…well, we try to be.

On that note I leave you with a few Pirates related photos:

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Anonymous said...

I hear there's some beer consumption in Pittsburgh.