Monday, January 29, 2007

Introducing Baseball - a la Jen

Six MN Twins Home Opener tickets - $120
Enough beer at the game to make my co-workers stories funny - $36
2006 American League Champions hooded sweatshirt - $24
Days until MN Twins Home Opener – 63
The start of the 2007 Minnesota Twins baseball season – PRICELESS

I have started this blog for a few different reasons:
First, once baseball gets cracking there is a lot happening, fast!
Second, my original blog/journal has enough material to read without filling it up with baseball stories and thoughts.
Third, a whole blog written about and designed for baseball? That is super!
Finally, I give my friends and fellow baseball fans a fun place to read about sports. This will be a little statistical with a smidge of gossip and a side of trash talking (Did anyone else see that one fan behind homeplate that had the worst hair-don’t?) Yeah, that’s how this blog will roll!

Training camp starts very soon with the Pitchers reporting for duty on February 19 and the Position players coming on February 24th. Until Spring Training games start up (February 21 against BoSox) I have plenty to write about with getting ready for the season. I have chapters from Attending Baseball Games with Jen & Amy: A User Guide to post plus everyone needs to know the MN Twins Line-up nickname guide. Look for those in the upcoming weeks.

Play ball!

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