Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dirty little girl don’t care about her reputation/She goes hard, moves fast and she’s never gonna turn around

Los Tigrrrrrres
Guess who is pissing off her co-workers by saying “Twins versus Los Tigrrrrres”? Yeah, that’d be me. I don’t know why they are so touchy. I mean, I guess they are still a little leery after the month I spent singing “Sometimes when we touch, the honesty’s too much.” They may be a little gun-shy.

It’s like having to pick a favorite kid or brand of vodka
Yup, I sure am looking forward to another live baseball game tonight. Yup, I am. It’s gonna be good to sit in my “usual” seats and see the “usual” folks. Yup, it is. Yup.

OKAY! If you want the truth, I am a little conflicted because tonight is a big, important American Idol night. I mean, I want to be all “Baseball trumps Idol” and all that jazz BUT I just feel like I am cheating on my addiction to reality TV singing programs. Who is going to fangirl over Adam? WHO?????

My luckiness
I am wearing my Gomez t-shirt tonight to test my luckiness factor. The last time I wore it (this season) we lost. I give an item three chances before I retire it (see: Lucky Pirate Earrings of 2008).

‘Bout time someone recognizes the awesomeness of Wally The Beer Man
Mental Floss: Wally the Beer Man

Baseball Roadtrip
Well, hell. I had originally planned a short weekend flight to Philly to attend a friend’s wedding in Baltimore (cheaper flights into Philly and I can also sing Motown Philly back again…) but that plan has EXPLODED (or IMPLODED, depends on your outlook.) My three day weekend has turned into a full week and 55% of it is baseball related (and breweries/distilleries too.) I want to check out a Baltimore Orioles game *cough*with Metsgrrl*cough*, Nationals, and maybe the Pittsburg Pirates. If you have any Words of Wisdom to pass along regarding those teams (stadium, tickets, signs, don’t wear orange) please let me know! Oh, the other 45% will be taken up with visiting friends, seeing David Cook in concert, oh…and a wedding. Huh.

Non-baseball but no less important
Zeppelin the Dog eats Polly Pockets for breakfast…literally

This is…American Idol

Huh. Guess who is in possession of four tickets to the Season 8 American Idol concert? ME! You may be asking “Four seats? Why for you need four seats?” Well, it’s a good thing you asked. You see, I am taking Olivia (who I brought to last season’s concert tour). I know, that leaves two vacant seats, right? Wrong. September 1, 2009 when Adam Lambert and the rest of the Season 8 American Idols hit Minneapolis I will be in the audience with…LUCY (and her adult, which happens to be her mom, who is pretending to only go under duress but secretly wants to). Lu is pretty damn excited to see Adam, make a poster, and dance. I am pretty excited to do all those things alongside her.

Music of the Day – Gotta check this band out Edition
I tend to be a self-declared music snob and created this sliding judgment scale that goes: Good=Non-Nickelback Quality or Bad=Nickelbackesque. This band is Non-Nickelback Quality. They are a-rockin’. Beej saw them in concert and fangirled them pretty hard and when Beej likes them then I have to like him (he’s an even bigger self-declared music snob.)

Burn Halo – Dirty Little Girl

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