Monday, May 4, 2009

‘Cause you’re so beautiful/Like a tree. Or a high class prostitute/You’re so beautiful. Like a part time model

Forgive me my sins
It was my birthday this past week, and not just any ordinary birthday – it was the nice, round, grownup sounding 30th birthday. Hey, a gal’s gotta celebrate extra hard!

First thing
Tonight’s game just ended with the Twins taking the first game of the series against Detroit. It is lovely to see a MN Starter pitch a great game and last 8 innings. We’ve been having bad luck in that department. (And that may be the Understatement of the Year.)

Photos from a slow game
I was at Sunday’s game (as in yesterday, yo) with Ames. I was enjoying my birthday beer and birthday brat – both of which taste way better when they have “birthday” written in front of them. I also got to meet up Scoreboard Gourmet who was touring the Metrodome. Not to be all happy-go-lucky-touchy-feely but she’s pretty damn awesome so check out her blog. I don’t think I have ever met someone who loves popcorn more than my coworker Steph. Now I am going to be looking at popcorn differently.

Sure, I am a twitter-whore
the first sight of the metrodome when arriving by train never fails to wow me. maybe I am just an emotional fool about the dome.
12:41 PM May 3rd from mobile web

how do I always forget that sundays at the dome are kids/family day? better watch my swearing and pg-13 talking.
12:59 PM May 3rd from mobile web

the twins are making my classic rock heart happy when 3 players have AC/DC as their walk-up music.
1:33 PM May 3rd from mobile web

1st official banana clip sighting at the metrodome -2009.
1:44 PM May 3rd from mobile web

um...nick punto's walk-up/at bat music is Thriller! kind of awesome!
1:48 PM May 3rd from mobile web

every time there is a wild pitch the song “wild thing” plays and every time I wish it was "wild boys" by Duran Duran.
2:14 PM May 3rd from mobile web

and yet another unsuccessful attempt to be in the Hormel Hot Dog Row of fame. booo!
2:22 PM May 3rd from mobile web

RA Dickey's tall socks did not help to make me less pissed off.
4:27 PM May 3rd from mobile web

Non-baseball but no less important
Zeppelin the Dog Update
Our adventures at the dog park full of nature. Damn nature, why you gotta be all pretty!

Flight of the Conchords
Saw them in concert last night and I figuratively laughed my ass off.

Birthday things
My lovely, silly coworkers made me a birthday poster that may have made me fangirl/blush.

In conclusion
Watch idol this week! Slash is going to be the mentor. Seriously, mother fucking, smoking a cigarette with three cans of aquanet in his hair Slash. Also, don’t forget to vote for your favorite idol *cough*Adam*cough* /end public service announcement.

Music of the day – Never fails to make me chuckle Edition
Flight of the Conchords – Most beautiful girl

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William said...

This is a very fun blog. I enjoy reading it. And happy birthday!