Monday, February 22, 2010

It’s harder to feel, stuck under wheels/Grinding in motion that keep you all right

Out of the Loop
Okay, so I have been MIA (hibernating at my local drinking establishment and cursing the winter that gives us snow and no baseball) SO that means I have missed out on new blogs of note that I should be following. This is your time to chime in and let me know if there are any new blogs (they don’t have to be Twins centered) that I should check out.

Blogger/Twitter/Talking/Chatter/Random Baseball Meetup!
Also…piggybacking off of Sarah at Oh, It’s Those Girls (yes, I am a lazy schmuck these days) here are the details for the Twins meetup she’s planning for March 13!

Baseball, Beer, and Baked Goods
March 13 at 11:45 a.m.
Champps in Ritchfield (790 W. 66th Street)

Check out her post here with details on RSVPing

I will be there with my Bailey’s filled chocolate cupcakes and maybe my rum filled pineapple upside own cupcakes and maybe something new. I love baking with booze! AND I love baseball! Be there or be square!

About damn time
Anyone else breathing a sigh of relief that Spring Training has begun? So, to celebrate I am going to post a baseball picture a day (one of mine of course) to get ready for the 2010 season!

1.23.09 025

Wanna hear something pretty?
I went to this concert last week and saw this live!
Mid West Kings – Stuck Under Wheels


NoDak Twins Fan said...

You can check out my newer Twins Blog.

Sarah said...

I cannot wait for Bailey's cupcakes!

YUM! That is worth the drive all by itself.