Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pretty pictures and his TV Guide subscription goes to Miss. Chanadaler Bong

Could this winter GO any slower?
(That’s my Chandler Bing or Chanadaler Bong impression.)

I am so ready for baseball that I can almost taste it! Brats and nachos and popcorn and peanuts and beer…lots of beer.

So, whilst we wait for reports to come in (or a Joe Mauer contract to be signed) let’s walk down memory lane, shall we?

· Plastic blue seats
· Dingy roof
· Ugly grass
· Corndogs on the plaza
· Beer spilling out of my cup because of the slanted cupholders
· Tears over the spilled beer
· Texting Sarah (Oh Those Girls) about the weird dancers in the pre-game activity
· Taking Lucy to her first game on her first birthday

Now photographic evidence that I am remembering stuff!

Okay, now I am off to Tulsa, Oklahoma for purely non-baseball stuff…like seeing MWK in concert. So, catch ya on the flipside, yo!


NoDak Twins Fan said...

Oh memories of the dome...
Can't wait for Target Field!!

Robin G said...

Want baseball! WAAAAAAAANT!

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

I think it's official that we are all ready for March and then April!

shannon said...

Great shot of Mauer's a… I mean, the old Dome fieild.