Monday, October 29, 2007

Be a clown, be a clown/All the world loves a clown/Act a fool, play the calf

Well, that was a pathetic excuse of a World Series attempt. How boring. I do feel bad for the Rockies’ fans that had to sit through four games of pure ass-whooping. I am shaking my head sadly over the cake-walk World Series.
Also, as my co-worker and anti-Christ (don’t ask) pointed out… Was it necessary for A-Rod to announce he wasn’t signing with the Yankees for 2008 during the end of the fourth game? Oh, and was it really that “breaking” of news? Jeez-Louise.

Here is the non-baseball side of life (since all we can do is receive updates on contract info until Spring Training):

I. Hate. Clowns.

Well, at least now I do. You see, I have never subscribed to the fear of clowns, sock puppets or other random things. However, thanks to an episode of Supernatural I now hate clowns. Last night I started watching the first disc of Supernatural Season 2 and it scared the bejeezus out of me. I should have known. Last year I made my way through Season 1 and freaked the shit out of myself. Stupid spooky stuff. And yet I can’t stop watching it.
Anyways, in this episode this clown would attract the attention of a child and then follow it home. In the middle of the night the child would see the clown in the yard, open the door and let him in the house. And then the clown would kill and feed off the parents. Yeah… A.) Lucy isn’t allowed to make eye contact and wave at clowns B.) If for some reason she see’s a clown and then tells me to look but I don’t see anything we will leave and hide out for a couple days somewhere else C.) She’s never allowed under any circumstances to open the door for a clown. Never!

I am officially too old to be sneaking in the house at 3:00 am on a Sunday morning.

Last night was my first bar crawl hosted by the Monday Happy Hour Crew...Halloween themed.
It was damn fun. We started at 5:00 p.m. at Mayslack's bar in Nordeast and proceeded to traipse around Nordeast Minneapolis and visit 8 other bars.
Here are some highlights:
* We got flashed by a guy in a trench coat (that was his “costume”.)
* On the long walk from Jaros to the next bar (almost half a mile) we snuck out drinks to enjoy on the walk. I had the Greenie.
* We spent more time than is probably healthy playing this bar video game called Photo Hunt, erotic edition. Basically you had to find five subtle differences in each picture. Alas, all the photos were of very naked women, most of them a la 1980’s. I don't know why but that photo porn was fucking addicting. Let's just say that we got really good and our group made the high score at three different bars (check for “Sofonda Tots”, they wouldn't let us use dirty names so we picked tots.)

Anyways, Sunday morning I rolled out of bed early and drugged my hung-over ass to Amy’s house. No better way working off a hangover then lounging on Amy’s comfy recliner watching British television drama...more specifically Ultimate Force. Machine gun fire, explosions, fisticuffs and British hotties made me feel better.

Anyways, I am not getting on the wagon anytime soon since tonight is Monday Night Happy Hour.


Tricia said...

Damn! That bar crawl sounds like fun. I'm a total lightweight 'cause I get a buzz after one margarita at Friday's, but I'd go on a bar crawl anyway. Hey...what's a greenie?

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Yeah, the crawl is fun because it is spread over a long time so you can get buzzed and then sober up before you drink again.

A Greenie is the signature drink at Jaro's. It is a strange mix of liquor and lime kool-aid. Yum.

k-bro said...

Wait a minute. I work with the anti-Christ -- he's my boss.

And, in my opinion, clowns were put on earth specifically to be hated. *shudder*

I miss baseball already. :(


Nick N. said...

Funny that the pornographic game prohibits you from using a dirty name.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Yeah, what right does the Photo Porn Hunt have for judging our naughty names! Oh well, Sofonda Tots is now part of history in Nordeast Minneapolis.