Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Have a drink at your favorite bar till dark/Stumble into empty baseball park/Strike 1 and stike 2../I guess we're both out

Ah, it is time for the obligatory sappy ending. Oh man. Last year was a big disappointing finish of the season but this year was a quiet slip out of 2007.

I started this blog on January 29, 2007 full of optimism and yes, maybe a little cockiness. Who could blame me! We had a Batting Champion, MVP, Gold Glove, Cy Young and a handful of other honors. Ah, but alas…this isn’t a fairytale.

Here are a few highlights from my 2007 baseball blogging season:
· Winning our Home Opener!
· Meeting other cool baseball bloggers
· A few bad trades (yes, some people think they were good…I don’t. It’s my blog, I win.)
· New Stadium is a-coming!
· My baseball will, in case something happens to me
· The Starting Five Starting Pitchers: Santana, Bonser, Ortiz, Silva, Ponson
· The last Starting Pitchers: Santana, Slowey, Silva, Garza and Baker
· “The Boof is on Fire” can get old (two games into the season old)
· Yankees dominate the MLB headlines again (expensive pitchers, booing A-Rod, scandals, Jeter, Sheffield and Torre)
· Baby Jesus Birthday Montage
· Bert “Pitchers are the best athletes on the field.”
· My baseball birthday party
· Baby Jesus chosen as one of America’s Most Eligible Bachelors by Hollywood Extra.
· Hey, it looks like that $28,000,002 signing of Clemens worked out well.
· Ponson is out
· 445 hits on my blog on May 16 – 3,383 on October 3
· Sitting in the sweet Dorsey & Whitney law firm seats behind homeplate.
· Risa (Curlz of Curlz & Curveball) started a baseball blog.
· Baseball Blogger Meet-up
· My new quote “One good game doth no make a great pitcher.”
· All Star Game (ugly orange jerseys!)
· Bert gets flowbee-ed by Santana
· Baker Up
· Amy & I on the Jumbo Screen twice!
· Sitting two rows above our dugout
· Slowey Up
· Garza Up
· Sitting in the Suite whilst eating free food and drinking free beer
· my favorite non-Twins baseball blog
· Castillo gets “traded” to Mets
· Cirillo gone
· My Jeep Liberty got a MN Twins tire cover
· Ortiz is out
· New stadium groundbreaking
· Starting the downhill slide in September
· Game with TBL
· Maybe Torii’s last game
· Last game against Boston RedSox


metsgrrl said...

I am ridiculously, and happily, honored beyond belief.

Some day I will make it to MN and we can go to a game together.

Karleeee said...

One thing that made me giggle.
Castillo getting "traded"

" " should be like in BOLD and flashing in neon lights.

I think we got packing peanuts and a free taco. Which we end up finding if we waited for the world series and someone stole a damn base we would of gotten the free DAMN taco anyways.


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