Monday, October 22, 2007

That's why/Cause if you feel it/And if you mean it/Don't apologize

Strange - The Feeling
The line-up has been decided for the 2007 World Series – Rockies and Red Sox. It should be an interesting game nonetheless. I am a little disappointed in the tanking of the Indians. It was a very ugly way to lose a run at the Series. I am more disappointed with the fact I lost a Pride Bet against this Trust Rep in my office that the Indians would win. However, I now must put up with his crowing over the Red Sox victory. Bah humbug.

The F-Bomb
Rumor has it that Francisco Liriano will be ready for Spring Training 2008. Ah, F-Bomb, we have missed you.

Non-baseball news but nonetheless still interesting
You see, after the World Series there will be less and less basebally (my own made up word, thank you very much) things to discuss or rant about so I need a contingency plan. I will try to have a baseball posting at least once a week but I may need to pepper it with some non-baseball news.

I finally found someone who also likes the music of The Feeling. I have been pimping this band for ages and no one (I am looking at a bunch of you who read my blog daily) had taken the bait. However, there is someone out there!!! So, if you would like to join The Feeling bandwagon (membership count: 2) check them out!

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