Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Till the daylight turns to ash and blows away/Missing keys/bloody nose/consequences of what I chose

Can we having some freaking baseball please?!?!?!
AL MVP – Dustin Pedroia
Runner-up – Morneausey
3rd – Youkilils
4th – Baby Jesus (I believe)

Wow…good showing for the Twins!

They tried to make me go to rehab
Neshek is heading back to rehab. Damn…I was hoping to have Death Metal back to wow the national announcers. Note: This rehab is for an arm injury and not substance abuse. Got it?

Trade rumor mill
Pedro Martinez says he’ll be pitching next year but with who (or is it “whom?” I am too lazy to check…sorry)

Yankees are buying souls and making offers to CC Sabathia and AJ Burnett
I heard about the Sabathia offer whilst bellied up to a bar drinking my two-for-one (2-4-1) Absolut Mandarin and Tonics. I was super pissy about it at that moment so I sent a text to someone who would understand…Those Girls.

Non-baseball but no less important

This is totally not important except to those who like to mock me:
Commence eye rolling
Hey, to 99%* of my blog readers…yeah, I am talking to you, here’s the deal. Today David Cook’s album is released. So that means I bought it and I will be listening to it and then I will be talking about it. Ya’ll are just going to have to deal. Okay? Okay.

In case you don’t have enough to mock and laugh at me about let me show you some photos that I took in my extremely ghetto Wal-Mart**.

*the number is possibly made up because I don’t like math.

**For you local yokels the Ghetto Wal-Mart is located in Richfield off of America Blvd. The music collection is mostly rap and Latina dance. There are approximately two rows (yes, rows) of “Rock” music. I put quotation marks around “Rock” because the “Rock” section also includes Miley Cyrus and Toby Keith. Yeah.

Also, if you wanted to you could totally go buy a copy and I would give you a big Kudos. I do believe I said something to Amy last night that sounded like this: “Remember you liked that one song? You should go buy the album and then I would laugh victoriously and then I would say that I made you cooler and then you would be cool. "

How come…
When I am wearing the only pair of sweatpants I own (yes, I only own one pair) that is the time that someone knocks on the door or there is some “good photo op.” No way, I am never wearing them again!

When you slip on a plastic hanger on a wooden floor you slide for about four feet and then you fall into a painful heap on the floor?
When you start the happy hour festivities at 4:00 p.m. you are ready to go to bed (pass out, whatever) by 9:00 p.m.?

Overseen in my cubicle – Suburban Commuter Ensemble
My co-worker C-SHa wearing a pretty dress with brown tights, white athletic socks and sneakers for her walk to the bus stop.

In my cubicle
C-Sha: I am changing back into my other shoes
Me: I am sorry that I can’t stop making fun of you.

Music of the Day – Fangirl Edition
You know this was coming! WAIT! Before you just skip on check this song out. It is damn good. Rock, heavy guitar solos and real live music. Just humor me.

David Cook – Bar-ba-sol

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Curveball said...

The Yankees need 4 starters. They have a couple of failed young guns (who the Twins wanted for Santana). I'm sure they wished the trade for Johann happened...as do the Red Sox, considering the price for free agent pitchers.