Thursday, November 13, 2008

Where it’s at/I got two turntables and a microphone/Take me home in my elevator bones

Hey! I actually have real baseball stuff to write about!

As if we needed another reason to boo the Yankees – Swisher to Yankees
I am curious to see Those Girls' reactions.

Gardy extended through 2011

Sort of baseball with a side of fangirl
Business and pleasure at Wright’s Gala

So, David Wright - who I mock only for the fact of the pink Mrs. Wright t-shirts I see on TV, had his fourth annual Wright Foundation Gala the other night. Now, you may be asking…why do I, Mocky McMockertons, care about that? Well, because David freaking Cook performed there! Duh, you knew that was coming. Anyways if you allow me a fangirling moment…
MLB Official Entertainment Video

Non-baseball but no less important

Dear Mother Nature,
Suck it.
Love, Jen

Don’t run with scissors and while you are at it…don’t brandish them either

My caption: Like a knight wielding his sword against the mighty dragon, Lucy has Big People Scissors. Run for your lives!

The Dolly Partons new lucky namecard proved to be unlucky
Damn it.

My Pub Quiz team (The Dolly Partons) are trying hard to recreate our near-perfect game from two weeks ago. At that time I had given Jolene (Joelen, Joelen, Joelen) a homemade birthday cared that had pictures of David Cook on it (she is a fan too!) The night of that exchange we got second place in the Merlin’s Rest Pub Quiz. So, in hopes of capturing that magice I got crafy! Made a placecard (or small yet tasteful sign) for our table (yes, we are dorks and yes, we were the only ones with a nametag.) On one side it had photos of Dolly Parton (our namesake) and on the other side it had pictures of our other favorite people: David Cook (shut it!), Obama (FTW!), Travis (our favorite Scottish band) and Neal (a random member of David Cook’s band that I am not-so-secretly crushing on.) Alas, the magic wasn’t to be had. We failed. As the night progressed our standars lowered…rapidly.
“Hey, let’s get at least 50% right!”
“Hey, let’s get at least in the double digits.”
“Well fuck, let’s get at least one damn answer right!”

We did better than expected and just missed the 50% mark (hell, if you roundup we passed it.)

What’s your Ringtone?
My cellphone – a T-Mobile Sidekick (fondly called Chuck Norris II) is pretty pimped out with personalized ringtones:
* Ames – Kashmir by Led Zeppelin because that’s how she rolls (and she may have threatened my life if I put her as David Archuleta)
* Foley – Crush by David Archuleta because she loves him and voted for him
* Stacy – Free Fallin’ by Tom Petty (and not that shitty cover by John Mayer)
* Monday Night Happy Hour Crew – I Kissed a Girl by Katy Perry because of sentimental reasons only *cough*Duluth*cough
* The Parents – Icky Thump by White Stripes because I love that song!
* My old default – Billie Jean by Michael Jackson which has now been usurped by….drumroll please…
* Light On by David Cook! Yes my friends, roll your eyes, plug your ears, mock me if you dare.

Music of the Day – in hopes of gaining some of my music cred back

Beck – Where it’s at (REMIX)


Ann said...

Oh yeah baby!
Nice video Jen.
(So... are you marking your calendar for November 18th? Hmmm?)
Come on over for Virtual GNO! It is oh-so-necessary.

Robin said...

Oh yay! You stopped by my blog! I've seen yours before... love it! I'm also a baseball fan (the Yankees... don't hate me!) and I am all about the lipgloss. (MAC is preferable!) Please visit again!
:) Robin
cinnamon & honey

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Hey lady! I see you are having another happening party! (and yes, the calendar has been marked for Nov. 18 and my friends are sick of me talking about it. Oh woe is me.)

No worries - all are welcome here. Hey, as long as you are a fan of baseball then all is well. :)

Ann said...

Did you say Happy Hour from 3 to 9? Wha'?!?
That beats me being here pretending to be the drummer for Blood Red Shoes.