Thursday, March 5, 2009

Melmak, is nothing but worse for cats/Melmak, is really no place for cats

I know the upcoming season will be filled with talk of the new Twins stadium (Target Field) and look-backs on the Metrodome. I know the Dome isn’t as epic as Yankees Stadium but to me it houses all my memories of baseball (except that one roadtrip to Kauffman Stadium.) Seriously, all my baseball memories revolve around the blue plastic seats, bright green turf, dingy grey roof, lights, railings, steps, cup holders (running into them with my shins), crazy revolving doors with air-pressure, cement, dome dogs, losing the ball in the roof, dugout, unprotected bullpens, homerun porch, my favorite seats under the Oliva banner, flasks, 31 rows of pain, those weird seats in the “V” section on lower level (left field/third base line), realizing the turf isn’t that cool up close (kind of gross when you think about it)…man, the list could go on and on. This is the LAST SEASON IN THE METRODOME!

Spring Training is upon us
I will (as Baby Jesus is our witness) start blogging spring training! Girl Scouts honor (not that I was ever a girl scout.)

Kind of baseball-related
In August I am going to be on the East Coast (mostly the Pennsylvania/Maryland area) for a real vacation. I have a couple things on the schedule (including a music festival) but I also want to check out some non-Twins baseball. I am going to try and score tickets for the Orioles and/or The Nationals.

Non-baseball but no less important

I bought the new U2 CD at Target (yup, you can see the sticker right there). I am excited to give it a complete listening to. There are a lot of a.) U2 haters and/or b.) New U2 music doubters (who are fans but just like the “classic” U2 styling’s.) To you all I say, shame on you! This band has given us 30 years of epic (and some not-so-epic) musical moments. The least we can do is support their new stuff and give it a chance. Hell, you don’t have to like it/buy it/listen to it BUT you do have to shut her yap if all you are doing is talking about how they are sell-outs. Sell out this! *insert rude hand gesture* Yes, I am passionate about more than baseball.

You can go your own way (go your own way)
I saw Fleetwood Mac and it was pretty epic! I mean, the crowd was a little underwhelming BUT the music more than made up for it (as did the beers, dancing, twirling, and tambourine hands).

You know the tendency of my Monday Night Happy Hour Crew for flashing The Shocker in every photo that they can...Exhibit C

I don't know why but I have been on a Corona kick lately. Maybe because it reminds me of summer (and being drunk in Mexico when I was 18)

Music of the Day – Memory Lane Edition
Last weekend I pretty much fangirled (probably harder than I fangirl David Cook) because I caught a couple episodes of ALF on TV. Yes, ALF, as in the cat-eating alien!

Alf Theme


S.Rail said...

I love those revolving doors with air pressure! Sure gunna miss that...

Rebecca said...

Hopped over here through section 331, saw the U2 CD and had to brag that I got to see them Friday morning at Fordham.

the only time in my life waking up at 6 AM has actually been worth it...