Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So I won’t hesitate no more, no more/It cannot wait, I’m sure/There’s no need to complicate

Home again Home again – Jiggity Jig
We gotta give mad props and thanks to Ames for ditching her bookclub early to purchase Home Opener tickets for the posse. (I was in Duluth seeing David Archuleta in concert – details below.) I will be there for the Last Home Opener in The Metrodome! Will you?

27 and Counting
27 days until home opener. This off-season was pretty damn boring. I mean, if it wasn’t for A-Rod’s Steroid bust there would have been nothing to talk about. (I know, I know…that is inaccurate but it’s what I am going with.)

WWBJD (What Would Baby Jesus Do)

Looks like the talk around town is that Joe Mauer may not be as healthy as we (meaning “they”) assumed. Whoops.

Non-baseball but no less important

Moment of Truth
Hi, my name is Jen and I saw David Archuleta in concert.

Saturday night I took Olivia (age 12) to see him perform at a sold-out DECC concert hall. In case you, the baseball blog readers, don’t know who the fuck David Archuleta is let me clarify – he’s the runner up from last year’s American Idol.

There is one bit of detail from the show I wanted to share with you. You see, I feel like I am the ONLY person in the world that thinks perving out on a barely 18-year old guy is kind of gross. Especially when I think of that 18-year old as a Fraggle Rock character. There were two grown, married women behind me who attended the concert with their husbands (no children). I may have started off feeling bitchy towards them because they were saying mean things about David Cook (my American Idol crush, if you haven’t ever read my blog before) but here’s an example of their conversation that proves they are nutter-butters:

Grown Married Woman#1: “He’s 18 so it is okay that I find him attractive.”
Me (inside my head): “Whatever it takes to get you through relationship counseling.”
Grown Married Woman#2: “He really wears those jeans well.”
Me (inside AND outside my head): “Ew.”
Grown Married Woman#1: “He fills them out almost too well.”
Me (inside my head): “Jen! Don’t look. Don’t look at what they are talking about. For the LOVE OF GOD DON’T LOOK!”
Grown Married Woman#2: “I KNOW! He’s packing isn’t he?”
Me (inside my head): “I am gonna throw up.”
Grown Married Woman#1: “That’s gonna make some lucky girl very happy, if you know what I mean.”
Me (inside my head): “OR a lucky boy. What? AND yes we all know what you mean.”

For the record I DID LOOK because I am a horrible human-being who doesn’t listen to the voice inside her head and I am ashamed and sorry and embarrassed and now must take up a religion that will cure the sins inside my heart. God Damn.

Concert Calendar - Wishlist
Here are all the shows that I am interested in attending. Alas, all these shows cost $ so I am cutting down to the ones I really, really want to see AND that aren’t on a night with previously made plans. Oh, and to U2 and NIN/Jane’s Addiction – thanks a-fucking-lot for skipping the Twins Cities on your tour. Haven’t we been good to you? Haven’t we??? (Although U2 may extend tour and hit us up a later date.)

3/13 The Honeydogs CD Release Show @ First Ave
3/14 Andrew Dice Clay @ Myth
3/22 Black Label Society @ Myth
3/24 Katy Perry @ First Ave (attending)
3/30 Bob Mould @ Varsity Theater
4/6 The Ting Tings @ Varsity Theater
4/6 Lez Zeppelin @ Fine Line Music Café
4/6 Morrissey @ State Theater
4/7 Nickelback @ Target Center (may attend much to my chagrin)
4/12 Mates of State @ Varsity Theater
4/13 All American Rejects @ Myth
4/14 Kris Kristofferson @ Pantages Theater
4/16 Ezra Furman & The Harpoons @ 7th Street Entry (attending)
4/17 Travis @ Fine Line (attending)
4/18 Chris Cornell
4/21 Peter Bjorn and John @ Fine Line
4/25 M. Ward @ First Ave
4/25 Rocco Deluca & The Burden @ Fine Line
4/26 Neko Case @ State Theater
4/28 Franz Ferdinand @ First Ave
5/2 Queensryche @ Myth
5/3 Leonard Cohen @ Orpheum Theater
5/11 The Kills @ First Ave

Album Releases Today
Kelly Clarkson – All I Ever Wanted (I am soooo getting this one)
Chris Cornell – Scream
Handsome Furs – Face Control
Taylor Hicks – The Distance (Not. Gonna. Happen.)
New Found Glory – Not Without a Fight
Madeleine Peyroux – Bare Bones
Razorlight – Slipaway Fires (love these guys!)

Music of the Day – Just saw this fraggle rock in concert Edition

David Archuleta – I’m Yours


Tricia said...

Jen...I absolutely love that song. I like it so much, I'm not sure I should listen to Archuleta's version. Did he sound good singing it, do you think?

I hate to be judgmental (well, not really) but those women you were sitting near sound like dirty old ladies. Eew.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...


I love that song too. Baby Fraggle Rock (or David Archuleta) does a nice job covering it. It is a little smoother/mellow than Mraz's version but not bad.

Girl, don't hate being judgmental...I was thinking such judgmental things during the whole concert. Oh, and "eew" is right!

Anonymous said...

nickelcrap? really? come on jen! not cool...ev.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...


Out of all the epic things I said in this blog posting THAT is the one that stood out? NOT the fact I went to a David Archuleta concert?


Anonymous said...

See, I chose to ignore that whole david archuleta part...if i didn't read it...it didn't happen. ev