Friday, April 16, 2010

He was a Midwestern boy on his own/She looked at him with those softy eyes, so innocent and blue

T-10 hours until I head to Target Field for my first Regular Season Game (and the first night game)
First I have to make it through an entire work day and then a work happy hour (poor me, eh?) Then watch out ballpark, I am a-coming for ya! I am most excited about seeing 2009 AL Cy Young winner Zack Greinke pitching against Not-Broken-Scotty-Baker. I also want to try some new food, have a beer, do a little shopping and watch a little baseball.

Almost a week late but nonetheless
Last Saturday, Sarah (Those Girls and @baseballhappy) and I were invited to Rock Bottom Brewery to be their special guest bloggers/tweeters for the Biggest Twins Fan contest. It was AWESOME! When Sarah and I get together there is normally a fair amount of snark and laughter and mocking/joy/hilarity…then you add in free beer and we have doubled our efforts. (The Power of Beer.) It was also nice to see K-Bro again and The Other Sarah (@loleets)

So…thank you to:
Lola Red
Rock Bottom Brewery

Sarah for driving across the border!

For a more detailed/humor/photographic recap of the event check out Sarah’s blog: Crowning the Biggest Twins Fan

Now, for the serious portion of this blog – Minnesota Nice?
For the second time in two weeks I was told that many Minnesota Twins bloggers were reached out to but no one had responded (minus myself and/or Sarah). Do Minnesota Twins bloggers not like to reach outside the Twins Tweet-up circle? I find that meeting with visitors from NY or Chicago or L.A. or Wisconsin and networking around is a great way to share the love of baseball.

Ch-ch-ch-check it out
I found through a happenstance of tweets a very interesting blog entry written by @MissyJo_25 regarding the comments that Mr Orlando Hudson (of the Minnesota Twins) made. There are two things that struck me about this posting… 1.) Very interesting spin on the topic and 2.) Another great post made by a female baseball fan. Check it out here: Wronged Man Out

Music of the Day – Always makes me happy
Bob Seger – Hollywood Nights

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B Fuhr said...

Aw, man we were there for the same night game. I will say for the most part (which I always find with Royals/Twins matchups) the fans are so nice to one another.

I enjoyed the stadium and the games even though the Royals left everything until Sunday when I was driving through Iowa to make me cheer.

If you're ever headed down to the K let Rachel know so I can offer tailgating and the like.