Sunday, April 4, 2010

And the ball goes up, and the ball comes down/He swings his bat all the way around

I smell like baseball
And you can too!

The lovely woman behind the amazing The Herb Garden ( site creates awesome products with the yummiest sounds scents! Lotions, soaps, shampoos, perfume, sprays, and scrubs…oh my! The pretty much made the 2010 baseball season for me by creating a very special Baseball & Lipgloss scent (named after this very blog).

Baseball and Lipgloss - Created by a friend who wanted a fragrance that reminded her of sitting in the stands at the Twins games. Newly cut grass, candy, beer, crackerjacks and fresh air. *HG Exclusive*

Now, doesn’t that sound like a game at the new Twins stadium – Target Field?

On the Radio
On Sunday evening I will be a special guest on a brand new weekly podcast – Throwing Like A Girl. I am excited to talk about the new stadium, Joe Mauer, hatred of pink jerseys and whatever else will be a hot topic. I will NOT be talking about David Cook evidently :) One of the hosts always teases me about fangirling David Cook and she outed me on the Podcast write-up:

Jen Kubiszewski, proud resident of Minneapolis and author of the Twins blog baseball & lipgloss will talk about her pre-season visit to Target Field and her hopes for the new ballpark. (Try not to mention anything about David Cook.)

Tee hee hee. It makes me giggle.

Music of the Day
Kenny Rogers – Baseball Song


JS said...

Please, please tell me how I can get that lipgloss.

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