Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…these are a few of my favorite things

Oprah has her favorite things, right? A show packed with tons of stuff given away and her loud voice.

Well, it’s about damn time Lipgloss & Baseball did our (my, it’s just me) favorite things issue!

*insert Oprah’s booming voice*


Now, before y’all get stoked thinking you get everything I present on here I need to warn you…that ain’t happening, yo! The best I can offer you are some booze filled cupcakes and a mix CD of my favorite music (which may include an Adam Lambert and/or David Cook song).

My 2010 Season Tickets

This Twins book that Ari (from NJ) sent me (and my Ryan Star wallpaper)

David Cook (and his hot guitarist). David Cook is in Ethiopia right now working with an organization for the Idol Gives Back event this year. You can only guess how much I fangirl him now.

The Herb Garden! I have my very own scent that they created for me (Baseball & Lipgloss). You should check her stuff out and especially MY scent :)

Baseball and Lipgloss - Created by a friend who wanted a fragrance that reminded her of sitting in the stands at the Twins games. Newly cut grass, candy, beer, crackerjacks and fresh air. *HG Exclusive*


Pittsburgh, the Pirates, PNC Field

My giant foam finger!

Lucy! (celebrating her first game and first birthday)

Lucy, again. Bless her sassy little heart. She's not a fan of baseball...yet.

The Monday Night Happy Hour Crew

Zeppelin the Dog!
Tailgating (and Bloody marys)
Boxed Wine (proof is in the avi someone made me)
Booze-filled cupcakes


Jammer said...

haha great list! I love that I keep coming across people that like the pirates! Going to PNC Park is definitely one of my favorite things to do here.

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