Tuesday, March 16, 2010

“Because We Said So” is not an answer.

We interrupt this blog so I can stand on my soapbox and say my piece. Don't you worry, the next one will be full of pre-season stuff, cup o noodles & a youtube video of a coworker dancing drunk to Outkast's "Hey Ya".

Well, it appears the hottest of hot topics is at a full boil. I may as well dip my feet in since I do have feelings and opinions on this subject. First off, if you are not aware of the shenanigans regarding MLB launching a new line of female-centric baseball clothing via Victoria’s Secret then get yourselves over to Metsgrrl and read her blog (and you better damn well comment too!)


So, now that you’ve read that can I bitch for a moment?

Oh, I may as well warn you that right now I have this ridiculous song in my head…hey sister, go sister, soul sister…

Funny how this topic and these feelings can be skewed. I, for one, am not a fan of finally getting some women’s MLB attire and publicity via Victoria’s Secret. I don’t like it. I don’t think I am asking for much here… I want regular, plain, simple, basic styles for females. Delmon Young numbered shirt? Hardy? Hudson? Something just simple? Hell, if I want a quirky saying or a funky color or logo I’ll just make it my own damned self. I am not above (or below) whipping out puffy paint or utilizing Café Press.

The issue here is simple: The big cheeses at MLB/Marketing/Press/Customer Relations/ Ect are not listening. Instead of saying, “hey, thanks for your suggestion” they respond in a very defensive manner. Yo, you don’t gots to be stonewalling me, MLB. I stonewall my own self. Cater to fans. Cater to the season ticket holders. Cater to the participants, bloggers, tweeters, subscribers. Cater to me!

I told you it was simple.

And since I am on a ranting rage today I decided to type up an open letter to MLB.

Dear @MLB,

I love that you guys totally support Alyssa Milano. She’s an awesome female baseball fan! However, I would appreciate if you would stop using her and the new Victoria’s Secret MLB line as the answer to the “why don’t you have more female-friendly gear?” question. Because honestly? Alyssa Milano and I don’t have the same taste in clothing. It would be like if men’s clothing would be designed by Kramer (of Seinfeld) or James Bond. Would you reaaaaally be comfortable sitting in a stadium wearing hounds tooth or a tuxedo?

Why don’t YOU (the men at @MLB) wear some of this stuff that you are touting and let’s see how practical/comfortable/prideful you feel with it on. Okay? I double-dog-dare you. BECAUSE I sure the hell wear men’s clothing…t-shirts, hats, bracelets, Twins logo socks. That sounds ridiculous right? That’s kind of my point. It is ridiculous. I don’t want pink shoved down my throat. I have an aversion to it…blame my red hair coloring. I don’t want “Mrs. ” t-shirts. I definitely don’t want knock-off Swarovski crystal baseball jewelry (accented with pink gemstones). It’s tacky, not tasteful. How about something that’s fitted, with team colors, an altered logo, less boxy, tasteful t-shirt? Seriously. I will take one awesome t-shirt over an amazon.com shop full of the swill you try to sell us.


DISLAIMER: the pink gear and accessories that are used on Mother’s Day and for Breast Cancer awareness are 100% awesome and acceptable.

2nd DISCLAIMER: I am completely irrational and if you don’t know that by now then you have grossly misjudged my personality. I am the gal who hate dolphins, suburbs and deer…if those aren’t irrational hatred/fears than what is?

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Karleeee said...

Good post girl, and Suburban Dolphins. Think about that one. Frightening stuff.