Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I get knocked down but I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down

He drinks a whiskey drink.
He drinks a vodka drink.
He drinks a lager drink.
He drinks a cider drink.
He sings songs that remind of the good times.
He sings songs that remind me of the better time.

Firstly, be impressed that those lyrics were typed completely from memory. Secondly, be glad you don’t sit by me today and have to hear me humming them all day long.

So, we’ve been dealt a couple “less than thrilling” bits of information. So…Joe Nathan may be out for the year. So…Joe Mauer and his agent haven’t announced any signings. So…Lucy asked about women’s “monthly cycles” and I panicked and told her to ask her mom! So…kind of sucks and is a little awkward right now BUT there are still plenty of things to look forward to:

Top 10 Things to Cheer Me Up (mostly baseball related)
10. Seeing Orlando Hudson (or O-Dog as he likes to be called) and JJ Hardy in Twins Spring Training gear.
9. Beer
8. Not too long until I am playing hooky from work on a beautiful summer day and going to catch a day game.
7. Taco Bell has now added Shrimp to their menu of questionable meats. Why is this a cheer-me-up? Well, think about it…Taco Bell has shrimp. You gotta be shaking your head and smiling.
6. Um…I love David Cook? I mean, it’s kind of obvious at this point.
5. I can count backwards from 10, proof is in the pudding.
4. I bought single-game tickets for the Fourth of July weekend and hope to spend it spazzing/drinking/cheering/sunburnt with Sarah (of Oh, Those Girls notoriety.)
3. Beer
2. Baseball Blogger/Tweeter Meet-up is this Saturday! More details here.
1. The exhibition games are just around the corner, literally. I better pick rush-delivery on that Twins Snuggie.

I find that this Fill in Your Own Garbage Pail Kids Name card pretty apropos for my crankiness. Try it…it’ll help.

This very blog that you are reading right at this moment made it in the Top 60 Minnesota Baseball Blogs. I placed a very respectable #20. If that doesn’t get me an invite to some events, what will? I better get my Betsey Johnson prom dress out and ready for the red carpet!

Funny Ha Ha
If you need a laugh and further proof of why I fangirl Sarah (of Oh, It’s THOSE Girls) please read her latest blog entry. It made me laugh out loud and then have to read snippets to my co-workers.

David Aardsma Is My Spirit Guide

Cute Photo of the Day

Meet Gabriel! His mama is Ames (my baseball partner in crime)! He came home all the way from Ethiopia on Friday and I got to welcome him at the airport. Can’t wait to take him to his first game!

***Please note that I was going to do a filler-blog post about Cup O Noodles and baseball but due to this already lengthy post I am postponing it until next time.


Jammer said...

YAY - a good twins blog! I've been looking around for one, but those Yankees are blogging all over the place.

PS - I have to add Orlando Hudson mic'd up as something that cheers me up.

KyleS said...

If you're a white sox fan, you might like my predictions for the AL Central I posted today.