Monday, March 15, 2010

Well she was an American girl, raised on promises

New blog to check out
The illustrious Metsgrrl has launched new blog called All Down the Line: Baseball Roadtripping. She has some great views of different stadiums and a list of new places she’s checking out this year.
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Countdown, yo!
2 days until St. Patrick’s Day and the World’s Lamest St. Paddy’s Day Parade (the Minneapolis one is sad but I am very loyal to it)
6 days until I go to the Target Field Open House (and I get to aquiant myself with my new seat)
19 Days until the Exhibition game at Target Field

Cupcakes & Baseball
So awesome to hang with some baseball peeps this weekend. Sarah (of Oh, It’s Those Girls) deserves major kudos for motivating all of us to get together. Unfortunately there were two separate events (and one of them was in some town called Apple Valley) so there was a giant riff in the Baseball Space Time Continuum. It was a kind of obvious riff, like the big elephant in the room. Not gonna lie, the idea of Sarah, cupcakes & an event near the “cities” was the leading factor in choosing how I chose. Oh, and I didn’t even know about the other event so…yeah…Anyways, I made my booze filled cupcakes and attempted a new recipe of Red Velvet cupcakes filled with vanilla vodka pudding & cream cheese frosting. I am not a fan of red velvet but I am a fan of cream cheese frosting.

I bake around booze.

Anyone want to lick these clean? I totally stained my hands bright red. Fancy.

Red Velvet cupcake filled with vanilla vodka pudding and topped with cream cheese frosting
Chocolate cupcake filled with Bailey's pudding and topped with a ganache of sorts
Pineapple Upside down cupcake with rum soaked pineapple and cherries.

Blogs with Balls

Who’s going?

A taste of Minnesota
This past week I went to the Riverview Wine Bar and Café. Any good Southsider (south Minneapolis, yo) knows of the Riverview Movie theater (city’s best popcorn and $2 movies) but maybe you don’t know about the Riverview Wine Bar & Café. The Wine Bar’s menu has five pages of wine and one page of food. I happen to heartily approve of that ratio of booze to food. Anyways, the food is pretty amazing and I always recommend checking out the specials written on the chalkboard. The Roasted Winter Vegetable Pizza was a winner and you can never go wrong with baked brie. Connected to the Wine Bar is the Riverview Café. They have a display of drool-worthy desserts in the glass case along with pre-made sandwiches. My favorite part is getting coffee beans. I am somewhat of a coffee snob and strive to find great blends that are fresh and unique. Anodyne Café has the 42nd Street Blend and Riverview Café has the Riverview Blend. I highly recommend it, along with the fact it cost $12.60 for a bursting full bag of ground beans.

Music of the Day
Ah, Tom Petty. Nothing puts me in a better mood than riding around in my jeep with the sunroof open and Tom Petty blasting through my speakers. I was lucky enough to see him in concert…two years ago and I happen to be lucky enough to get to see him again this summer. Since baseball is the all-American sport I am going post American Girl, a song that I am unable to not sing along with.

Tom Petty – American Girl


Sarah said...

That is one of my all-time favorite songs ever. Good choice!

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Thanks, poppet! I am always torn between dancing and then wincing when I remember it was the song from Silence of the Lambs...then I start muttering "it puts on the lotion or it gets the hose."

It's a weird path that my brain takes.