Monday, February 19, 2007

Hey Ma! I am going to be on ESPN!

Hello Metrodome, see you in 42 days!

It appears that the next year is locked down in ink with the newest one-year deal going to Cuddyer. Cuddy signed a one year, $3.575 million deal and avoided an arbitration hearing. Looks like the decision makers are getting smarter about not going as far as having these arbitration hearings. Too bad they didn’t learn that lesson a year and a half ago with Kyle “Hissy Fit” Lohse. You know that I don’t like to speak ill of the traded but I am glad we don’t have to deal with Lohse anymore since the only thing he did well was kick water coolers and throw his glove, snot nosed little punk.

Here is the recap of our big signings:
Joe “Baby Jesus” Mauer – four years and $33 million
Nick “Sparky” Punto – two years, $4.2 million
Morneausy –one year, $4.5 million
Leeeeeew Ford – one year, $985,000
Juan “Rinks” Rincon – one year, $2 million

Ah, Spring Training
Whilst perusing the official MN Twins site I came across some info regarding Spring Training. Here are the highlights:
· Twins are always one of the last clubs to have its pitchers & catchers report.
· First scheduled workout is this morning (Monday, February 19).
· Pitching is the big focus point, trying to build our rotation. So far Boof, Glen Perkins and Garza are in with a possibility of Baker.
· New faces: Ramon Ortiz, Sidney Ponson, J.D. Durbin and Kevin Slowey.
· Silvia is a question mark.
· Bullpen is looking good with Nathan, Reyes, Rinks, Pat “Sideshow” Neshek, Crain and Guerrier.
· Position spots are all filled with the DH being up for grabs.

42 Days until Home Opener. On that note the Baseball Masters of the Universe have moved the Twins home opener against the Orioles up an hour in the timeslot. It appears that ESPN has picked up the game so it will now start at 6:00 p.m. which ROCKS! A.) We be on ESPN, baby! I better be rocking my fancy hair and lipgloss just in case the camera shows my section. All my out-of-state friends, watch for me!!! B.) I am old so I am happy that I will get home an hour earlier. However, the guys are bummed because they say this is cutting into our tailgating drinking time. Guess we’ll have to leave work an hour earlier. C.) You know ESPN has picked up this game due to the rockstar status of the Twins which is giving major props.

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