Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Grey, dingy, dome roof - I must be talking about the Metrodome!

All about the Metrodome!
In a few years the Mighty Metrodome, in its entire grey dingy dome roof splendor, will be retired. There was an article in this morning’s Star Tribune with facts about eating habits in the Metrodome. Here are some of the morning interesting ones:
· Baseball fans eat and drink more at the Metrodome when the Twins are winning, they prefer draft beer to bottled and spend the most at concession stands on Tuesdays. And they love their ice cream -- possibly more than at any other major league ballpark. Jen’s note: Helmet Sundaes!!!
· The combined sales of draft (16.66 percent) and bottled beer (16.3 percent) comprise one-third of the total concession sales at Twins games. Jen’s note: However, Foley accounts for 12.6 percent of all Miller Lite consumption.
· Much of that food is purchased on Tuesday nights, when fans spend an average of $8.31 at concession stands. Fans spend the least on Wednesdays, an average of $6.62. Jen’s note: Wednesday nights are Dollar Dog Night so it is much cheaper to eat.

There are many options for seeing a game in the dingy old Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome. It depends on your mood: Do you want cheap seats last minute? Do you want to see the game happening in front of you? Do you want to escape all the college kids that are there on Half-Price Student ID night? I have sat in ALL the possible sections and I like them all for different reasons.
Behind Home Plate – I have sat in the section behind home plate and it is not as glamorous and you may think. First of all, yes, you get a prime view of the catcher’s behind but otherwise you can’t see the calls and the net darkens your view a little.
Lower Level, First Base side – This just happens to be Amy’s favorite spot. Hmm…wonder why, eh? Could it be a certain blonde Canadian, eh? Would it be the first baseman right in front of us, eh? It is a pretty cool spot to view the pitcher, batter and Morneausey’s butt but the fear of getting pegged by a foul ball. Yes sir, I don’t care if Amy does get me a batting helmet to wear (which would look stupid) it just won’t make me feel safe to have my noggin in the way of a tipped foul ball. Nope. My life is worth more than Morneausey’s butt.
Lower Level, Third Base side – Twice now Amy and I have scored sweet seats in the first row at the Twins bullpen. These are my favorite seats minus the fact we have to walk 40 rows up to go to the bathroom. It is worth having Johan warming up right in front of us. It is also worth trying not to awkwardly stare at “Baby Jesus” Mauer as he is squatting in front of us, I mean I could lean over the railing and knock on his helmet. It is also worth watching Amy watch Moreausey taking swings at the warm-up plate in front of us. The funny part, we were trying not to stare and take pictures so the came out fuzzy due to the fact we weren’t really focusing. I did take a few pics with my camera phone which wasn’t as covert as I wanted it to be. Due to the fact that my camera button makes this loud shutter noise. Yep, a spy I am not. I have attached two photos below...
Lower Level, Left Field, Home Run Porch – these are good seats, you may be far from home plate but you get to have room to watch and chat.
Upper Level Behind Home Plate – Eh, I could take or leave these. Not great views.
Upper Level, Center Field, Cheap Seats – These are my favorites because they are not assigned and you can jockey for a cool spot. If you get in the right section and make enough noise Torii Hunter will wave back at you as he runs onto the field. It is also prime location for hanging and chatting whilst watching the game. Ideal: Sitting cheap seats on a Wednesday night, eating Dollar Dogs and playing Twingo (Twins Bingo). Life doesn’t get better than that.

Johan Santana warming up in the bullpen
Morneausey taking a few practice swings in front of us

Only 34 days until Home-Opener!!! Tomorrow night, Wednesday, February 28, the Twins play their first Spring Training game against Boston at 6:05. I don’t think it is televised but I will be listening to it on the radio…most likely. Y’all know it is my Aunt Karin’s and my TV night (Criminal Minds and CSI: NY). Lame but true.

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