Thursday, May 17, 2007

I have a special power...I can relate everything in my life today (and today only) to CSI: NY

Since I am on an obsessive compulsive kick regarding the FANTASTIC Season Finale of CSI: New York and I am still saddened by the Cleveland Indians sweeping the Twins (boo) I thought wouldn’t use any brain cells and write this…

If baseball was like CSI: NY

The drama and suspense that happens in the first eight innings would be resolved in a tidy packed in the ninth.

There would be more fighting!

The Twins would win (?)

I would download the games to my iPod to watch the best parts over and over again (yeah…kind of sad, I know.)

Beer would be cheaper!

I wouldn’t mute it and make up my own dialog.

Nicer clothes.


Twins would kick ass!

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