Friday, November 2, 2007

Bad boys, bad boys/Watcha gonna do, watcha gonna do/when they come for you

Well, it is sure quiet around the World of the Minnesota Twins. The big talk is the new stadium and gossip over what will happen with trades.

There is some positive news about two minor league players that we saw in the big leagues in 2007:
Our Minor Leaguers
Buscher (third base) named 2007 Sherry Robertson Award as the Twins’ Minor League Player of the Year.
Kevin Slowey selected as 2007 Jim Rantz Award as Twins’ Minor League Pitcher of the Year.

Everywhere I look this is what I have to read:
Joe Girardi formally announced as the new Yankees manager.
Torre finally announced as the Dodgers new manager.

I went to this play the other night that was very intense and really interesting, Cherry Docs ( Yes, the play was great but the best part of the evening was riding around in the mock-undercover cop car. I felt like Starsky, Hutch, Cagney, Lacey, Kojak or T.J. Hooker. There was the glass partition that divided the front and back seats with the sliding window thing, a computer system and a C.B. radio. It was sweet!!! I don’t think I have ever felt as badass as I did riding shotgun. The only down side was when my safety-nerd popped up saying that if we were in a collision the airbag would jam the computer system into my chest. Hey, it was a risk I was willing to take. I only wish I would have thought about sitting in the back for effect.

‘Tis the season
Have you ordered your holiday cards yet? Well, you should! I am pimping my girl, Pumpkingirl’s new holiday cards she had for sale on Etsy:
Pirate Christmas cards? Hell ya!


PumpkinGirl said...

Thanks for the woot woot! I made those pirate cards with you in mind. Don't you have some Vans that match...?

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

I totally have those shoes!!!